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July 15, 2021

Bailey Shoemaker

Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA

Columbia Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. So quarterfinalist.


Q. How are you feeling?

BAILEY SHOEMAKER: Very excited. My last U.S. Girls was three years ago and I've change a lot since then. Really happy to be back here and in contention.

Q. What's working well with your game?

BAILEY SHOEMAKER: I mean, nothing really stands out to me. Just everything is sort of equal, I would say. Hopefully some other things start to shine through in the next couple days.

Q. What's your approach with match play, especially on this course where looks like par is winning a lot of holes?

BAILEY SHOEMAKER: Right. So I've actually never really played match play. Last week at Wyndham Cup was my first time playing match play.

Q. Wow.

BAILEY SHOEMAKER: Always wanted to play, so this is fun. Just try to -- I'm one that likes to go at pins, so I mean, I just like to be as aggressive as I can. On this course, stay below the hole. That's all I care about.

Q. That match right there, talk us through it a bit. Momentum-wise you were ahead a lot.

BAILEY SHOEMAKER: So I was 1-down through 1 and I was like, Okay, don't worry, don't get down. Because, I mean, me personally, I've been up in every single match so it was definitely a change for me.

But I was just playing steady and I said to my caddie on No. 3, I was like, Okay, time to throw some darts, and I started doing that. So I gave myself some opportunities.

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