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July 15, 2021

Kaitlyn Schroeder

Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA

Columbia Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Quarterfinals. How does that feel?

KAITLYN SCHROEDER: It feels amazing, oh, my gosh, especially because three days ago I didn't think I would be playing. I almost had to withdraw because I was sick.

Yeah, I'm trying to wrap my head around it, but I'm also trying to stay calm because I still want to go win tomorrow.

Q. What's working well with your game this week?

KAITLYN SCHROEDER: It's just really consistent. I'm hitting a lot of fairways, hitting a lot of greens. I think in match play that's what you want to do well, to apply pressure to the person you're playing.

Q. Do you have a lot of match play experience before this week?

KAITLYN SCHROEDER: Yes. I feel like compared to most people, because I played the Florida Am this year, which is match play, polo, which is only match play, and then I just came here from Wyndham Cup, which is only match play.

So yeah, I have a lot more probably than most people this summer.

Q. And who's on the bag for you?

KAITLYN SCHROEDER: My best friend. I would not be this far if she wasn't here.

Q. What's her name?


Q. Is she a golfer, as well?

KAITLYN SCHROEDER: Yeah, she's going to be a sophomore this year at Mizzou. There's no way I'd be this far if she wasn't here.

Q. What's kind of the game plan for tonight and then for tomorrow?

KAITLYN SCHROEDER: Just rest up. Get a lot of rest. I know it's going to be bright and early tomorrow. I'm going to go to bed at like 8:00 tomorrow because I need my sleep.

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