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July 15, 2021

Garrick Higgo

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Garrick, a rough day today, but you must take some heart for tomorrow with the finish of just straight pars from the 12th.

GARRICK HIGGO: Yeah, yeah, I played all right. I mean, just didn't get it going on the greens, to be honest. But yeah, I mean, my ball-striking was better than it's been for a while today, so it was a bit frustrating that I couldn't get it under par. But yeah, I have a good group, so hopefully a nice low one tomorrow.

Q. Your approach play is above average so far, over 60 per cent, so that's just about average or above. How important is that if you kind of hit more fairways tomorrow, do you see a chance of getting a bit lower?

GARRICK HIGGO: Yeah, I mean, honestly, I just need to make a lot more putts. But the greens are still pretty slow, so hopefully if they speed up tomorrow -- but I'm going to do some work now on that, but if I hit the ball the same as today, then I should have a lot of chances to at least get a couple back.

Q. Obviously we've got fans on the course today, a special atmosphere. How did that feel?

GARRICK HIGGO: Yeah, it feels good. Obviously it's my first Open, so everything is pretty new. It's really nice to play in front of a lot of people. I've enjoyed it. Hopefully I can have a better score tomorrow, but other than that, I'm still enjoying it.

Q. What about the course, and how do you think Royal St George's is playing from your perspective?

GARRICK HIGGO: Good. I played the British Am here in 2017. It's a little different. Obviously I think we're playing it a lot longer than what we did then, but it's nice to play a major on a course that you have played before under tournament conditions. Yeah, I love this course, so hopefully I can get a good one tomorrow.

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