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July 15, 2021

Jack Senior

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. You must be delighted with the round today, 3-under, no bogeys. I think it's only you and Paul Casey that had that so far. 10 fairways hit out of 14, 15 greens out of 18. Could it get any better?

JACK SENIOR: Yeah, I mean, I just continued my form from last week really to be honest. I drove the golf ball brilliantly last week and I've just gained so much confidence with my driver, as you say. Obviously my iron play was pretty much on point, as well, but the putter was a little cold on the back nine so gave myself a couple of really good looks, but hopefully the putter warms up tomorrow.

Q. With the conditions out there at the moment, do you expect them to get harder in the afternoon and maybe you might have a solid setting for the rest of the weekend?

JACK SENIOR: Yeah, I think it might firm up a little bit. It's quite overcast at the minute, so I don't think it's going to firm up too much. I think the forecast is for the wind to be pretty constant all day, so I don't think the scoring will be changing too much throughout the day. I think there will be still some pretty good scores this afternoon. Yeah, it's obviously a great start for me.

Q. Your group and your playing partners, the three of you were under par. Did you kind of bounce off each other today?

JACK SENIOR: Yeah, it's always great to have someone to bounce off. You're seeing constantly good shots all the time. It's just something to feed off really. Yeah, it was good to be in that kind of group to just gain some momentum.

Q. Several Union Jacks up there on the leaderboard. What do you attribute that to?

JACK SENIOR: I attribute it to the fact that I've drove the ball consistently well out there today, read the conditions really well and just really managed my emotions and my expectations throughout the 18 holes. Just down to a good pre-shot commitment and just taking on board what I learnt last week.

Q. Is there anything to so many Englishmen being in contention early?

JACK SENIOR: I just think it's a typical English links day more than anything. There's no rain about at the minute. That would make it even more an English links day. But yeah, I think that's -- obviously a lot of English guys have grown up playing links golf, are so used to playing links golf. Just the whole comfort thing really, it's always nice to play at home.

Q. How far did you grow up from Royal St George's?

JACK SENIOR: I'm just north of Manchester. I'm towards Royal Lytham basically, so it's a bit of a trek down here for me, but I've grown up playing links golf all my life. It's obviously a positive for me when I do turn up at a links golf course.

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