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July 15, 2021

Daniel Croft

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Daniel, thanks for joining us here at The Open. Congratulations on your Open debut. We'll talk about the round in the moment. Just you talked beforehand about how this was a childhood dream to play at The Open. Just what was the emotion as you went out there on the first tee this morning?

DANIEL CROFT: Nervous, excited. Obviously got quite a few family and friends who managed to get here, so it was just nice. I'm quite proud. Yeah, I was nervous and excited. Couldn't wait to get out there.

Yeah, it was -- I wouldn't say it's emotional, but it was close, yeah.

Q. When you were taking the first tee shot were you just saying to yourself, don't shank this right?

DANIEL CROFT: I just said to me self just hit it hard. Just hit it hard and trust yourself and what you're doing. You've hit it a million times.

Q. Can you hear me now?

DANIEL CROFT: Yeah, I can hear you.

Q. You were just saying about down the right. Just in terms of your round, how do you sum up the experience in the round?

DANIEL CROFT: Yeah, I mean, I got off to a terrible start. I nearly holed me putt for birdie on 1 and then bad bounce 2, got a bit unlucky on 3, bad bounce on 4, bad shot on 5. I was just thinking, Oh, come on. Just start playing.

I mean, around 7 I played okay from there. I played all right from there and I was quite happy with it from 7 onwards.

Just a shame I got off to such a poor start. I was very nervous. Me heart was pounding. Yeah, I mean, the experience is fantastic. Just being out there and just being out there among the crowds and just trying to remember where you are. And wow, walking on the 18th there you just think I've watched it millions of times over the years, but to actually be in the middle of it on a Thursday was surreal. You.

Q. You mentioned there obviously about is difficult start, but the way you dug in it would be very easy to collapse and shoot a massively over score. That must give you confidence the way you dug in in that round.

DANIEL CROFT: Yeah, I'll never give up. I'll never give up. I've always been that way. I'll never give up. I like to think I'm resilient when I need to be. I got a bit down on me self there, but me caddie said to me, You know you're better than this. Just keep doing it. Keep going and don't give up. I'll never give in and tomorrow (indiscernible).

Q. What is the approach when you go into the second round? I know you can't just attack this course.


Q. Obviously you want to make the weekend.

DANIEL CROFT: Yeah, just got to go out there and try and get off to a better start. I think if I do that I'll fancy me self to do all right tomorrow. Yeah, like you said, can't be silly, you can't attack pins, you can't try and ice it, you can't try an avoid the golf course.

You just got to put it in the right places and get it rolling on the greens, get a bit of momentum going in the morning and try and make the cut here.

Q. Obviously big crowds, 32,000 people. Were you able to pick out any family and friends as you were walking up the 18th?

DANIEL CROFT: Yeah, they were on most tees and greens and I could hear them all shouting. Yeah, it was good. On 18 I just seen them at the side there. Yeah, it was great.

Q. Must be quite emotional as well. You mentioned walking up the 18th. Obvious the big yellow scoreboards, everybody things about those when they think about The Open. Must be excited as you are to see you out there and playing.

DANIEL CROFT: Yeah, to be honest, on 18 there I just looked up and saw me name and just thought, Wow, you're name is on the leaderboard there. Obviously not with a great score, but it's on the board. Just like, wow.

Yeah, seeing me dad and me mum and me girlfriend and me close family and friends that were here, it was just nice seeing them all and giving me little bits of, Come on and keep going, don't stop.

They know I won't give in, but they were just trying to give me as much support as they can.

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