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July 15, 2021

Sam Forgan

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Sam, thanks for joining us. Talk about your round today.

SAM FORGAN: To start with I was absolutely awful. Oh, my God, it was terrible. I just -- you got to keep it in the fairway. I was just all over the show the first seven holes. Could have been anything.

Did well will to scrape it round in 1-over from that point. But, thankfully -- managed to hit it a bit better coming in actually but didn't really get anything particularly close.

Yeah, probably got what I deserved out of the round.

Q. Obviously playing with Padraig, what kind of experience was that for you?

SAM FORGAN: It was great. You know, he's one of those where it was -- when you get out on the golf course you tend to focus on your own game, as bad as that sounds.

We did get to chat a few times and he was really gracious and answered all my questions. He was great. We were both struggling with our games a little bit today, so conversation maybe didn't flow as well as it maybe would've.

Hopefully we play a little bit better tomorrow and hit a bit more fairways and greens and we'll be together, whereas we were actually just kind of going like this away from each other.

Q. Talk to us about what it was like to play in front of such a massive round.

SAM FORGAN: That was great. Kind of a home game for me really. A lot of -- I only live about two and a half hours away, so we had loads people in the crowd that I knew. And birdie on 2, sorry, 3, when I rolled that in it was like I won the tournament there was so many people shouting out.

It was amazing. Great experience.

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