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July 15, 2021

Ryan Fox

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Ryan, talk to us about your round.

RYAN FOX: It was pretty tough out there, to be honest. Of breeze got up this afternoon. And, yeah, I played pretty solid. It was struggling with driving the last couple weeks and I drove it pretty nicely today.

Probably got lucky a couple times. When I did hit in the junk I got half decent lies and got it up near the green and holed some putts. It was a pretty solid day.

Q. This is a course where finding the fairway is very important. Happy to see the course cooperated?

RYAN FOX: Yeah, I actually statistically didn't hit many fairways today, but I drove it great on the front nine. I don't think to hit to fairway. It hit about four or five (indiscernible). You have to be really precise and almost get a good bounce at times when it firms up to hit a fairway.

Si I was really happy how I drove it and gave myself lots of chances, which was nice.

Q. And a really nice par putt there on the last. I'm sure you were happy to see that one go in the hole.

RYAN FOX: Yeah, I was. It wasn't a very good putt from down the slope there, but I sort of -- it's a pretty tough hole to finish, and where I hit it off the tee I was probably quite happy to be out near the green in two.

Nice to see one go in. Would've been a shame to bogey the last with how I played most of the day.

Q. Solid days' work for you. What do you do this afternoon?

RYAN FOX: I'm going to head back, hopefully make bedtime for my daughter. Pretty happy with how things went today. The range is pretty strong in and off the right. It's not a fun wind to go and hit some balls in, so after a long day out there I'm quite happy just relaxing. We got a pretty early start in the morning, so I'll kick the feet up, hopefully catch the little one before she goes to bed, and pretty much go to bed after that I think.

Q. 2-under is a nice way to start. I guess what's the aim tomorrow? Just trying to build on that or trying to be a bit more aggressive with the morning tee time?

RYAN FOX: Hard to know really. I haven't looked at the weather forecast. Looked like there was a lot more decent scores out there this morning than this afternoon, so hopefully the golf course is a little softer, a little easier, maybe the wind is down a bit in the morning so we can go after it a bit more.

If it's like it was today it'll still be a bit of a grind and just trying to hit it in the middle of the greens and hopefully do what I did today and hole a couple putts and take advantage of the odd easy hole you get out there.

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