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June 10, 2021

Jasmine Suwannapura

Daly City, California, USA

Lake Merced Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Jasmine Suwannapura, solid 6-under 66 round one of the 2021 MEDIHEAL Championship. Jasmine, you put eight birdies up on the scorecard. Had to feel good on a day when scoring was at a premium.

JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: Yeah, I mean, I did see my score up on the leaderboard, but, well, this week I have my fiance coming in caddie for me, and it's a new experience for us and we just have fun out there on the golf course.

So he's really cute. He try to not make a mistake, but he's there for me, so we just fun on the course pretty much.

Q. Has he ever caddied for you before?

JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: I don't think he ever caddie ever before, so when we got here I just like trying to imagine the situation out here, like what to do, how to rake the bunker or where to stand. I keep telling him, You can stand here, not and not here, here, and there. So, you know, we just have fun.

Q. Good. And you guys got engaged earlier this year.


Q. What's that been like, wedding planning process and the engagement?

JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: We got engaged in January in Diamond Resort. For the wedding we haven't plan anything much just because of COVID. I have to fly my mom and dad or couple people to here or we fly there, so the plan was not really there yet.

Q. Back on the golf course, start front nine. You birdied numbers 2, 4, 6, and 7. Any one of those in particular stand out?

JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: Probably one of the par-4 on the back nine. The front nine it's like mostly I make a lot of birdie putts, like more birdie putts. But the back nine is a little wild for me because on the par-4 I just hit in the bunker and I'm like, oh, that is going to be hard, and just trying to up and down.

But I just bunker shot and then get in the hole. I was like, Wow. And then same thing, you know, like another hole I was like, Wow, I make birdie. I didn't expect it, but it went in.

Q. Was that 10 or 11 that you holed out of the bunker?


Q. And then you took advantage of the par-5s coming in birdieing 15 and 18. How were the par-5s playing today?

JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: Well, 15 I went for it, so it's just front of the green and just up and down, easy up and down. 18 I did not -- I did layup and have about 66 yards, so just short game and lucky make the putt on the last hole.

Q. That's always fun.


Q. What's the biggest thing transitioning to a morning tee time tomorrow with how cool it is?

JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: Probably just going to try my best to keep myself warm tomorrow. It's going to be pretty cold in the morning. Like, again, he going to have to experience a morning tee time and pretty cold day tomorrow.

So just take it day by day, enjoy weather, and everything together.

Q. So it you sounds like you're giving him more advice than he's giving you.

JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: Yeah, I mean, he just like carry the bag, smiling. I don't think he really know like what did I make on this hole. He's like, oh, good job. You make the putt. It's very cute.

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