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June 10, 2021

Wes Roach

Ridgeland, South Carolina, USA

Congaree Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Starting out, have you ever been 4-under through the first four holes?


Q. Do you remember --

WES ROACH: I don't know if it's, on the PGA TOUR, if I have, but, I mean, plenty of times I have been, yes (laughing).

Q. Solo leader. This is your first time ever holding the lead on the PGA TOUR after a round. What is that like for you?

WES ROACH: Yeah, it feels great. Hard work paying off a little bit. It's just 18 holes and there's a long ways to go, but I'm just going to do my best to stay present out there and just continue to hit quality shots.

Q. You mentioned changing your putter, but do you feel like this was something that was helping you on the horizon with your game?

WES ROACH: I've been hitting the ball pretty well for the majority of year and my putter has just, it wasn't very good, to be honest. So kind of mixed things up a little bit a few weeks ago back home and, yeah, everything's in a good spot right now.

Q. Congaree is a place that obviously new to the PGA TOUR, a lot of guys haven't seen it before, what are your initial impressions? It's obviously worked out well for you.

WES ROACH: Yeah, it's a very unique place. I was fortunate enough to come down with a few people from Knoxville just before the course was shut down two weeks ago and so it was nice to have an extra look. It was a little bit firmer and faster then than it is now, but, yeah, it's a special place, obviously with what they do outside of golf and a very unique place.

Q. Saving the best for last today at Congaree. What was working for you to turn in that 64?

WES ROACH: I did everything pretty well. I drove it nice, I putted as good as I have in a while and I made it from 104 yards on the 4th hole, so that was a nice bonus as well.

Q. As a fan it looked like it was an easy round, what was it actually like inside the ropes as you started making birdies?

WES ROACH: Yeah, I got off to a good start, I made a nice par, a nice up-and-down from the sand on 1.

And then made a couple birdies and then I holed out there on 4.

It was kind of on cruise control, I hit a lot of good shots kind of right where I was looking up until I guess right around 12 and 13, got a little bit off, but relied on my short game a little bit and was able to make a few pars.

And then made another birdie coming in on 16. So it was a good day.

Q. Low round this season on the PGA TOUR, you're leading the field in putting. You said it was as good a day putting as you've had in a while. How did you put it together to have that type of round?

WES ROACH: Well I changed putters a couple weeks ago. I had three weeks off before this week and, yeah, it's working well. I played well with it back home and, yeah, it's nice to see the ball rolling where I'm looking and going in the hole is a bonus.

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