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June 10, 2021

Da Yeon Lee

Daly City, California, USA

Lake Merced Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. You started with a triple bogey today, but then you rebounded nicely, no bogeys the rest of the round. How did you mentally climb back into it after the tough start?

DA YEON LEE: It's a tough golf course to play for the first time but it makes me much more relaxed and then I try to be calm and that makes me just believe in my shot and just focusing on each shot.

Q. You played last week in the United States Women's Open how did playing Olympic club help prepare you for what you see here at Lake Merced?

DA YEON LEE: At the Olympic Club the pressure was so high and the rough was really sticky, but here at the Lake Merced Golf Course I don't worry about anything on this golf course. So that's why I just try to keep focusing on my putting, so that would be a good point for making a good result for today.

Q. Mediheal is a sponsor of yours, how exciting is it to have earned a sponsor exemption to play in their tournament?

DA YEON LEE: I'm so glad to be here on a sponsor exemption and have a good opportunity to play on this golf course and it is only my second time to play at Lake Merced Golf Club, so I just keep trying to focusing on my just on my game, so if it could be that I could play my best.

Q. You said this is your second time playing Lake Merced. When was the previous time?

DA YEON LEE: It was the last year. 2019.

Q. How pleased are you with your effort today from, especially from the second hole until your 18th?

DA YEON LEE: Actually, when I start in the first hole, I just thought about a few things in my mind, but I think it is not that good at the first hole, so after that hole I just tried to keep focusing on my shot and then tried to believe in my shot to make birdies.

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