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June 10, 2021

Mariajo Uribe

Daly City, California, USA

Lake Merced Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. We haven't seen you since February 20th in Australia, before COVID. What is it like to be back on the LPGA Tour?

MARIAJO URIBE: It's been a long time since I competed and I didn't have that many expectations, I just wanted to get back into the competition mode before the Olympics, it's my first week not with my little one, he's five months, so I just went out there and had fun, probably wasn't as aggressive as I usually am because I'm not that confident in my swing yet, but it worked out, I mean we stayed patient and things worked out on the back nine.

Q. Now I know for you originally back in the beginning of 2020 you went through surgery because you had that injury and then suddenly we see that you're pregnant and that you have a beautiful little boy. What has it been like getting back into this competitive mindset?

MARIAJO URIBE: Yeah, I feel like I'm really practical, so it's been hard being away from him, but whenever I am, I focus a hundred percent, so when I'm home I'm a hundred percent being a mom and now I'm competing here. So it was nice, it was nice to get a good round in on the first day, it felt like I never left, so it was pretty nice.

Q. When did you start focusing on competition golf again?

MARIAJO URIBE: Like I started hitting balls and practicing here and there after three months. So like first week of April. Then probably the last three weeks I really got into competition mode and played a little more, but Tuesday was the first time I walked 18 holes in 16 months or whatever, so -- and I wasn't tired, so luckily -- they say that mom strength like somehow it's a workout to take care of them and it's worked out so far, I'm not tired or anything. So just going to rest today and take it easy, since I haven't been doing that much in the last couple months.

Q. When I talk to all the other moms out here they say that they take their practice schedule and compress it and that it's a lot more focused. Are you finding the same sort of thing?

MARIAJO URIBE: Yes, exactly. I mean, luckily, my little one is a good sleeper, so he usually goes to bed at 7 at night and wakes up around 7 the next day. So I leave home at 6, so that I can come back around 11 and just get a good five hours, play as fast as I can by myself in a golf cart, because I cannot do those foursomes anymore with my friends on the golf course. So definitely more focused and like I said, it's been a key for me just like not be thinking or looking at the camera when I'm practicing, because it's easy to get distracted when you know your little one's home. So just getting those four hours in and just thinking about golf and then going home and taking care of him.

Q. Getting used to Lake Merced, Lake Merced is a difficult golf course. What have you remembered from playing here in the past years that you think helped you today?

MARIAJO URIBE: I always play good here. I think the tougher the better to come back, because anything around even was going to be a good round. So I didn't want to come in next week, when the scores are really low, I planned this. I always play good here and I knew that if you shoot 2- or 3-over par on the first round you're still there for the cut, so that was my mentality. I think just staying patient, I love tough golf courses and the rough is not as bad this year, so it's really helped, but, yeah, I think just a lot of the things like a lot of the greens are pretty firm and I remember from other years I think we have played here a lot of times now so it's almost an advantage.

Q. Now you mentioned it too, but you felt really comfortable I think right in this back nine, this front nine, but also your back nine, it was six holes I think a birdie on every other hole. How did you think you fared on this front nine but your back nine?

MARIAJO URIBE: Luckily -- I hit a lot of greens, I just didn't take advantage of the putts on the first couple holes, so just getting used to the speed a little bit more and trusting. I think just it's hard because you're not in competition mode, I think I was playing a little safe at the beginning, trying not to trip up. And then after the first 3-putt I was like, Okay, I'm just going to trust it and whatever happens, happens. But it's just trying to get into that mentality again, it just worked out towards the end.

Q. You mentioned it too, but the Olympics on your mind. Right now you have qualified for the Olympic, how much have you been thinking about that?

MARIAJO URIBE: That's the only reason I'm here. I probably would have taken the whole year off, but since the Olympics are happening, it's really important for Columbia for me to go, so my country doesn't have that many athletes that qualify, so I'm, that's my whole goal this year, I'm just going to play a couple tournaments before then and get in the rhythm and then go in August and hopefully play well.

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