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June 10, 2021

Doc Redman

Ridgeland, South Carolina, USA

Congaree Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice playing today. How did it all come together for you?

DOC REDMAN: Yeah, I think it's just been a lot of hard work the past few weeks, I know I've been playing well and it's a pretty cool golf course, I was able to hit some good shots and make some putts and just kind of next thing I know it was kind of going well.

Q. At what point in your round could you tell that this was going to turn into a special day?

DOC REDMAN: Yeah, I think I guess at no point, really. It was nice to -- I guess I just had some good numbers on the back and was able to take advantage of some par-5s and some -- had a drivable par-4 in there -- and on 16 had a short iron in, so just kind of taking advantage of those good opportunities.

Q. First guy off the course that we're chatting with. How would you describe what the conditions were like?

DOC REDMAN: Yeah, I think it's getting better every minute. It's getting firm, the fairways are really firm, and the greens are starting to firm up, they're pretty quick, so I think you got to watch yourself, what you hit off the tee and where it kind of runs into, which is a lot of fun and I think it's just going to keep getting better.

Q. Were you in Columbus on Monday?

DOC REDMAN: Yeah, I was.

Q. What happened?

DOC REDMAN: I didn't want to be there so I left.

Q. What's your mindset coming here?

DOC REDMAN: Oh, no, it was awesome. I spent Tuesday at home and then drove up Wednesday morning, which is what I needed, Memorial is such a long, hot, brutal week and I played really well the last three days there and so I was just trying to keep that going into this week and play well.

Q. Did you play at all on Monday?

DOC REDMAN: I played 10 holes, yeah, and then decided I had enough. We had a long rain delay and I was just ready to get home.

Q. Is that on your mind at all? I know it's early, you got the lead, you win this week I'm pretty sure you get in?

DOC REDMAN: Oh, I don't know that. No, I mean I'm perfectly fine missing next week. I think Travelers and Detroit I played well in the past, so I'm just excited to play this week and those two weeks and try and play well.

Q. When was the last time you played in like extreme heat? Are you used to this being from around here?

DOC REDMAN: Yeah, a little bit, but I think Tampa was pretty hot earlier this year and last week was pretty hot too, to be honest with you. But this is definitely very hot, so it was nice to go off early this morning aren't I'll be able to get some rest going into tomorrow.

Q. How many bottles of water did you drink?

DOC REDMAN: Man, probably not enough. It wouldn't surprise me if some guys drink one a hole that's probably a good goal.

Q. How many times did you putt from off the green?

DOC REDMAN: Quite a few. I think especially if you're short sided I think it's a pretty good job because the fringe when you chip in it doesn't really grab it much, which is nice, it rolls through it really nice, so just -- putting's a great opportunity, so I think I'm going to, going forward, try and do that as much as I can.

Q. What were impressions of the course as the more you played it, your initial impressions and then how may it have changed coming into today?

DOC REDMAN: I think it was a lot different than today even. Yesterday the greens were a lot slower and it wasn't as firm, so I was excited this morning to kind of get here and see they were faster and firmer and I expect that to continue. The fairways are getting pretty firm, so that's going to be a lot of fun and a unique challenge that we don't get every week.

Q. This is pretty unique because you're all in the same boat, not many of you having even played a few holes coming into the week. Does that make it any different kind of preparing for this?

DOC REDMAN: I just look at it as a positive because no one has an advantage. Obviously a few guys like who are ambassadors here or who are around here have played a few times but no one's played tournament conditions, no one knows where the holes are going to be, so I think it's kind of a really even playing field and a good opportunity to go play well.

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