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June 10, 2021

Dustin Johnson

Ridgeland, South Carolina, USA

Congaree Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. 65 with no birdies on the par-5s, is that usual for you?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: No, but -- yeah, I mean, I had good looks on all three of the par-5s, so I put the ball in the right spot, just didn't make any of the putts. But still all in all it was a really solid day and I'm definitely pleased with the round.

Q. Much better start than the last time out.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, I mean, you know, I'm playing well, I feel like I've been playing pretty good all year, just, like I said, I haven't putted well, short game's been a little off, but today I missed it in the right spots when I did miss it, but hit a lot of real quality iron shots and gave myself a lot of looks.

Q. You had seven consecutive holes where your longest approach was 11 feet away. Is that one of the best stretches you've had in a long time?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: I don't know. I just hit shots, wherever it goes, it goes. But, yeah, like I said, I was swinging good today, gave myself a lot of opportunities and hit some good putts. So I'm just pleased with the way I played.

Q. Bogey-free and you shoot 6-under par included in that chip in on your last hole.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, it was obviously it was a good day, just felt like I played really solid, didn't really take advantage of the par-5s, even though I was in pretty good position I had really nice looks for birdie, but other than that it was just a really solid day and kind of had good control of my golf ball and put it in the right spots.

Q. You parred all the par-5s, you parred all the par-3s, you played the par-4s in 6-under par, hidden stat there, 7-7 scrambling.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, well obviously these greens there's a lot of times the ball rolls just off the green, but it's still a pretty good shot. So a lot of times it was with the putter and, yeah, like I said, I just left it in, missed it on the right sides of the hole and gave myself chances all the time.

Q. You could have easily played those last two holes in 2-over par and you come in playing them 1-under par. Nice scramble, nice 8 foot par putt at the 8th and then the chip-in at the 9th. Looks like you got a lot of confidence here.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, I feel like I'm swinging well, I've been -- I felt like I've been swinging well for awhile now, just haven't really seen the results or seen the scores. Made a few putts, but, yeah, I mean just playing solid, finally put around together.

Q. 68 feet in putts, so you did it with a lot of ball striking too. How cool was it to have three events in South Carolina this year for you?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, it's been a lot of fun. Obviously I get a lot of support here in South Carolina, being I'm a South Carolina native, and, yeah, it's been great. Hopefully I can keep it rolling for the rest of this week.

Q. The chip-in on the last, how were you able to attack the course?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: I felt like I drove it really well, even the last hole I hit a really good drive it went just through the fairway and so I kind of had to play over to the left because I didn't know how it was going to come out. Obviously I made a really nice chip in there. I would have taken just an up-and-down and that would have been just fine with me, but, yeah, I hit a really good chip and it just got to the hole and went in. So, yeah, it definitely ended the day on a good note.

Q. (Question about putting.)

DUSTIN JOHNSON: It was okay. I hit some good putts, the greens are kind of tricky to read. I mean, I even missed one short one there on the par-3 -- 5, I guess, I think is the par-3. But I hit the putt right where I wanted to, it just broke hard right and I didn't see that in the putt. But, yeah, it's going down my lines and my speed was pretty good today, so I'm happy with the way I rolled it. Obviously 6-under was a good score, but, yeah, I still missed quite a few short makeable putts.

Q. (Question about getting away from the game.)

DUSTIN JOHNSON: I feel like I've been playing well, just haven't been scoring very good. The putting's been off or it's just like small little mistakes that you shouldn't make, so, yeah, sometimes it's taken a little bit of time away and kind of clearing my head and definitely it helps and putting in a lot of good work last week and I feel like I'm swinging good, so if I can keep the putter rolling it's going to be a fun week.

Q. (Question about playing in South Carolina.)

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah it's great, obviously it's something that I'm very proud of and being a South Carolina native it feels really cool and it's been great to play a lot of tournaments in South Carolina this year.

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