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June 10, 2021

Lauren Stephenson

Daly City, California, USA

Lake Merced Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. I know just 2-under, but 2-under on a course like this is a victory. How did you feel like you did today?

LAUREN STEPHENSON: I feel like I played really well. I felt like I actually left a few shots out there. Unfortunately just missed a birdie on 18. Kind of hate when that happens. Any time you're shooting under par on a hard golf course it's a good bonus.

I honestly felt really relieved; after playing Olympic last week this feels like much more of a cake walk than it is. I feel like having gotten to play last week has kind of made this week seem a lot easier. My game plan was just hit fairways and greens and not make too many mistakes, so I feel like I did that well.

Q. You've been playing some pretty consistent golf since Hawai'i. You're coming off a pretty nice display of golf at U.S. Women's Open. How much did playing last week really you help for prepare for Lake Merced?

LAUREN STEPHENSON: Yeah, it's really helped, being in the same area, being on the same grass, same type of course. These fairways are a little more generous, so it's definitely helpful off the tee.

But overall I feel like I've gotten way more comfortable out here. I feel really relaxed. Last week was my fourth U.S. Open, so I felt like I wasn't really actually nervous at all, which was nice.

So yeah, I feel like I'm trending in the right direction. Just each week being more comfortable with my game and how I feel out here. I feel like my name should be more at the top of the leaderboard every week, so I'm trying to get comfortable with seeing that and not getting nervous or putting pressure on myself and just enjoying the moments.

Q. What have you been working on in your game do you think that's helped get you back in the right direction you talk of?

LAUREN STEPHENSON: Yeah, honestly I've worked on my swing now for like a year and a half. Kind of the end of my rookie year I wasn't hitting it great. So my game plan with my coach was just like hit it more straight, hit it more consistent, less bogeys, less mistakes, and that's all it takes out here. You're going to make birdies eventually, even if you're not putting well. If you're hitting it straight and you know where the ball is going, that just makes a world of difference. I feel like a year and a half of work with my coach in the right direction with my swing has really helped. I feel confident with my swing, and I know where my ball is going, so that definitely helps.

Q. I think you started really well during your front nine here. It was like a birdie every other hole for six holes there on your front nine. Did you feel that you had picked up momentum at the start of this course?

LAUREN STEPHENSON: Yeah, I mean, I felt like I was hitting it well, gave myself opportunities. I made like a few mistakes or errors in the middle, and I was like, all right, we've got to get refocused, make some more birdies coming in. I feel like that's golf. You kind of tend to lose focus at like the three-hour mark. But yeah, it's good.

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