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June 10, 2021

Jenny Coleman

Daly City, California, USA

Lake Merced Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Take us through just a solid steady effort on a challenging course.

JENNY COLEMAN: Yeah, I was just hitting the ball well, just keeping some nice tight drives, just a little bit of shaping, watching for the wind or which way the fairways are sloping and then approaches were pretty sharp. Just keep it on a tight line, kind of look fighting the wind, just to make sure it, especially in the left-to-righers, really trying to hit a nice tight draw in there and kind of draw off what I did last week.

Q. How much did last week prepare you for this weekend, the Olympic Club -- I saw a picture of you in the rough, you couldn't see your shoes -- how much did a U.S. Open and the challenging setup help you for a course just right across the straight?

JENNY COLEMAN: Definitely it helped a lot. You come out here and see a lot of similar shots, especially off the tee, into the greens, you just really are trying to dial everything in. You got to hit it sharp, otherwise it's going to be tough. Around the greens, not as lush, but it's still difficult, you can still get a lot of those edges and ridges and tough to get up-and-down, but just hit it in the right areas or miss in the right areas.

Q. It was your first U.S. Open since 2015?


Q. Was there some excitement coming off that last week and just seeing kind of where you're at in this season where you're at in your career and kind of maybe almost a sense of relief that you are going to be out, you don't have to worry about things as much?

JENNY COLEMAN: Yeah, it was nice to qualify, get out there and make the cut, just piece it all together. It's nice to see what I can do and still more in the tank, but I'll take where we're going.

Q. Like what more in the tank do we got, because it looks like you have a nice upward trend right now with where your game's trending in the last several weeks.

JENNY COLEMAN: Yeah, it's just keep sharp on a couple more full-swing shots, drop a couple more putts, and there you go.

Q. How has life been just from week-to-week out here in your adjustment to kind of having that sense of I would imagine there's a stronger sense in Jenny Coleman of belonging out here.

JENNY COLEMAN: Yeah, just feeling pretty confident about May game and just having some fun with the lady caddie squad and just enjoying it all.

Q. Have you just recently started working with?

JENNY COLEMAN: Michelle? I used her in Virginia, Vegas, U.S. Open and this week.

Q. What's the relationship grown into?

JENNY COLEMAN: It's been good. She understands my game, I understand how to communicate with her and seem to be meshing very well and, yeah, exactly.

Q. How is sister doing?

JENNY COLEMAN: She's doing good. She was out last week watching and doing a little coaching, but she's back in Harris, Michigan for Symetra, getting ready and then, yeah, we'll see from there.

Q. Do you check in and see if she caught some fish?

JENNY COLEMAN: Yeah, that's very important.

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