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June 10, 2021

Min Lee

Daly City, California, USA

Lake Merced Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. A strong front nine, which was your second nine today, no bogeys, three birdies. What was going right on that to really find a groove?

MIN LEE: I mean, I just tried to play the game and tried to be -- if I missed it, just miss it on the right side of either the fairway or the green because it's playing long today because of the cold and the wind. So you really have to be smart, so I think I was being smart.

I have a lot of chances on my front nine for birdie putts, and they finally started dropping on the back nine.

Q. Is it windy out on the course or is the course fairly protected? How was it today?

MIN LEE: Well, there was a little wind, but maybe one club, two clubs. Not very windy. But with the cold and all that, you have to add on a lot of distance to play.

Q. You had a pretty steady finish at PureSilk and then you went on and won another Symetra Tour title. How much confidence are you playing with after a couple strong weeks?

MIN LEE: It definitely gave me a lot of confidence. Especially PureSilk was the last tournament for the reshuffle, so it was really important for me to move up in position. I did really well, then moving on to the Symetra tournament I was being relaxed and just trying to have a good week. It was very successful. So bringing all that confidence to here, I think I just played the same game and just tried to be smart here.

Q. Would you say that you have maybe learned something from those two weeks having performed well at PureSilk to have reshuffled up on the LPGA priority list and not have to worry too much about bouncing around?

MIN LEE: Definitely.

Q. Would you say you can take that into the rest of the year?

MIN LEE: It definitely gives me a lot of pills that calms me down.

Now I'm just trying to focus on the LPGA, move forward and try to play the best I can and get my card next year, too.

Q. You missed the cut here in 2018; anything maybe entering this week you looked back on, just some memories of how to best play the course this time around?

MIN LEE: Well, I didn't even think about it. I missed the cut here that year, but this course has always been one of my favorite golf courses to play a tournament. The layout, you have tree lines and all that and you're in San Francisco. It's just a very nice environment to me, and I really enjoy playing here.

Q. What did you do in your week off last week?

MIN LEE: I was here. I was just down in the south bay, a lot warmer. That was my birthday last week, so I took a lot of time celebrating.

Q. Anything in particular that you were able to do, any places you were able to visit?

MIN LEE: Well, mainly I was cooking because I just found out it was a lot of fun cooking for someone, and they really enjoyed my meal. We just keep cooking, cooking every day.

Q. What's the Min Lee special?

MIN LEE: Oh, my special? I don't know. I just asked my friend, just give me the recipe and I'll just do it.

Q. Is there any dish in particular you made maybe more than once last week?

MIN LEE: No. I stay at my friend's house and she has a couple friends visiting her and we just cook like one nice meal and the gathering will be done. We're making Taiwanese food, we're making Taiwanese dessert and I made some duck, and it turned out really good. I loved it.

Q. Is that a typical Taiwanese dish?

MIN LEE: No, it's French.

Q. For people who might not know what a typical Taiwanese dish and dessert is, can you give us an example?

MIN LEE: How do you explain that? Some braised pork belly and some fish or meatball soup. That kind of -- well, maybe you should Google it.

Q. Dessert?

MIN LEE: So we made out of sweet potato and make it chewy and put tapioca flour in there and make it more like a tapioca sweet potato.

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