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June 9, 2021

Jocelyn Alo

Giselle Juarez

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Oklahoma Sooners

Postgame Press Conference

Oklahoma - 6, Florida State - 2

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Jocelyn Alo and Giselle Juarez.

Q. G, again, you give up a hit early, a run early. You settle down and you pitched as well as you've ever pitched. Congratulations, but I'd like your thoughts on that. And, Jocelyn, the offense needed to get going, and you guys got it going late. But, man, when you did, you guys went to that passing that bat down the line. And talk about that a little bit if you don't mind.

GISELLE JUAREZ: Yeah, I did settle in, and I think my hitters came up to me and they were, like, we've got you, we have your back. And I think for me it was all about keeping them in that game. They had my back. They're always going to have my back. And I think when I go out there every time, even if I do give up a hit like I've got to keep them in the game and they're going to do their thing and get them back in the dugout to hit.

JOCELYN ALO: I was kind of just keeping the offense locked in the game the whole time. And I was telling them the adjustments we needed to make. And we made them there in the end. And it was just a matter of just passing the torch. Just one hitter goes, another hitter goes, another hitter goes. So just kind of keeping that ball rolling.

Q. It appeared that you guys grouped together in the hallway before the fifth inning. What was shared among the team and how much did that really inspire that late run from you guys?

JOCELYN ALO: When we gathered there in the fifth, we were, like, okay, like just kind of calming ourselves down a little bit. And just knowing that we were hitting the ball hard. So something was going to fall and something was going to start. A rally was going to start.

So it was just a matter of keeping us calm and practicing our breathing techniques that we've practiced all the time.

GISELLE JUAREZ: I wasn't there for that. So I don't know.

Q. Jocelyn, did you know it was out when you hit it, the home run? And when was the last time you circled the bases that quickly?

JOCELYN ALO: I did know it was out. And I think the last time I circled the bases that quickly was probably my freshman year, my first-ever home run.

Q. Regarding that final out, G, how did it feel to see that one go the way that it did; and then from your perspective, Jocelyn, how did it feel seeing G seal this one up?

GISELLE JUAREZ: I was just super pumped. My hitters gave us a chance to win that game. And I think I just had to do my job and that's what I did. And I'm excited because now we're right there.

JOCELYN ALO: I knew G was going to keep us in that game. She's been red hot this whole time. And I had no doubt in my mind that we were going to back her up with the offense. And I was just constantly in her ear, like, I got you, I got you and I had her in the fifth and the rest of the team had her too.

Q. G, you obviously were able to keep the team in the game. The rally had the (indiscernible). But keeping your team in the game, your mindset throughout the few innings where it's a 2-0, 2-1 game and keeping it right there for your offense to make that rally.

GISELLE JUAREZ: I mean, you kind of just said it all. I was just, again, doing my job and, I don't know, I was just locked in for them.

Q. Jocelyn, if you could, just talk about that, the pitch on that home run. It seemed like a difficult one to try to get out and drive out of the park. And then for Giselle, how are you feeling right now? And do you feel like you could go tomorrow?

JOCELYN ALO: I knew I was feeling good out there the whole game. So it was just a matter of staying calm and trying to hit a pitch hard. And I saw it. And I smacked it.

GISELLE JUAREZ: I mean, everyone's feeling a little fatigue. It's been a long tournament. But I mean, I'm ready to go. I am pumped and I think adrenaline is just going to take over and we're just going to have fun.

Q. Jocelyn, I wanted to ask about what happened after you hit that home run, the way that the floodgates seemed to kind of open for all the hitters that came behind you. Just did it feel like your home run kind of maybe started something for the team?

JOCELYN ALO: Yeah, I think so. But we were hitting the ball hard the whole game. So just one falling. And after that the ball just kept on rolling and offense was starting to do their thing, like we know how to. Yeah, I guess it started the rally.

Q. Jocelyn, I know you've got bigger fish to fry tomorrow, but did you know at the moment that that was the home run to set the home run record? And what was it like reflecting the whole year, that you set it here with this crowd?

JOCELYN ALO: I didn't really think too much about it, but now that you asked it's a very cool thing to happen to me. And I think it just goes to show how much work that I put into this and how much J.T. and me have been working this whole offseason. So it's just a testament to him and what he's done and Coach Gasso for just keeping me sane.

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