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June 7, 2021

Jayda Coleman

Giselle Juarez

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Oklahoma Sooners

Postgame Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Jayda, offensively you didn't get started well but you finished well. Talk about staying the course. G, you give up the home run in the pitch and you're aces the rest of the way. Talk about settling in and being the G we always know.

JAYDA COLEMAN: I know just for me I knew I needed to get on top of the ball. We had a lot of pop flies at the beginning of the game, and just trying to get on top, hit the balls on the ground, and just make their defense work.

We ended up doing that, and that's how we got runners on base.

GISELLE JUAREZ: You know, I knew we were going to come out swinging. They're an aggressive team, so just understanding that I have to attack the zone and trust my stuff and trust my D and understanding that my hitters have my back the entire way, and they did.

Q. Giselle, sticking with that, was there any moment there right after that, whether it was that home run or the hit or that inning that helped you settle in? Did you make any changes there right in the aftermath of that?

GISELLE JUAREZ: Just attacking the zone and just trying to keep them off balance. They were coming out swinging and they're a good hitting team, so respecting them and attacking the zone, but really staying within myself and going at my pace and knowing that every time I get three outs, our hitters are back up there.

So just giving them the opportunity to get back in the dugout and get hits.

Q. You guys have played and won now four straight elimination games. You kind of have some new life now in the championship finals. Can you talk about what the mindset, just kind of what the last few days has been like knowing that you guys have played all these games facing elimination?

JAYDA COLEMAN: Yeah, I mean, we have had to go into every single game knowing this could be our last, and now we get to go into tomorrow but we have some breathing room. But we're really just going to take it the same as we take every single game. We're just going to go out there and attack every pitcher and we're going to play hard on defense and just play our game every single game.

GISELLE JUAREZ: It's been a grind, and just playing for each other has been the biggest thing, and having each other's back the entire way and knowing that if one person doesn't do it there's next man up.

So just trusting each other, trusting ourselves, and just playing our game has been key for us.

Q. You guys had quite the cheerleading there behind your dugout all week, a bunch of All-Americans and national champions. What does it mean when those alums are coming out and supporting you that way?

GISELLE JUAREZ: It's really awesome. It's really awesome to have alum and such big names behind there, and just seeing their reaction and just knowing that they're our Sooner sisters and they have our backs in the stands.

So it's really awesome to have them and just hear them and see them get the crowd going.

JAYDA COLEMAN: Just shows how much we give into this sport and how much we give into this program. I mean, they've been gone, they've been graduated for a while and they're still coming back and they're still supporting, probably losing their voices just like mine and just doing everything they can to just have our backs.

It just shows that we have heart and we'd do anything for this program and for our Sooner sisters.

Q. Jayda, I was just wondering, can you take me through that fifth inning at-bat when you get the double, and how big was Mackenzie's double really just spark that inning?

JAYDA COLEMAN: I think it was a big deal. I feel like the other pitcher, she was really trying to get out of the inning and I was so glad that Lou got us rolling and we kept going.

When I got that base hit I was so excited to look at my dugout and how hyped they were. Our whole stands get really hyped for us, and it was awesome.

Q. Going back to last night, when did you guys first learn that you might not be playing the game last night and it might have been pushed to today? And then once you found that out for sure when Florida State won, how was that for you guys as far as being able to rest up knowing that you guys have had to play the next number of games to get back here?

JAYDA COLEMAN: We knew about halfway into our warmup when Florida State won. We were already kind of ready to play. They're going to make us play, we're going to play regardless of what time it is, because we'll do anything to get on the field.

But realizing that we didn't have to play, we went back, did some mobility and was able to get some rest, and it was great. It was good to go to sleep before 10:00.

GISELLE JUAREZ: Agree with Jayda. I don't really know what else to say. She said it all.

Q. I want to know how it feels to make it here. G, obviously you had to overcome injury, and to have your performance today I'm sure feels amazing. And Jayda, this is your first year and you're in the College World Series. What are you feeling right now?

GISELLE JUAREZ: I'm really excited. We worked all year for this moment. To be one of two teams is amazing, and we've just got to keep playing our game and trusting each other. It feels amazing, but it's been a grind.

JAYDA COLEMAN: I'm honestly star struck right now. This has been my dream ever since I was 12 years old and committing to this University, and I'm just so excited. I can't wait to go out there with my sisters and just give all we've got and just give all of our heart to the game that we love, and hopefully it just goes our way.

Q. I don't know if in the midst of your rally there against Alexander if you caught the crowd giving her a standing ovation as she got knocked out of the game. Do you come away from your battle against her -- I take it you do respect her, but what kind of respect do you have for a competitor like that after what she went through this week?

JAYDA COLEMAN: You have to give her all that respect. She worked her butt off this whole week and she's been grinding and grinding and grinding and we see the plays that she's been making. She had an amazing season. You respect the hard work and you respect the competition, and just today we won, but she had an amazing season, but she's very proud.

GISELLE JUAREZ: Game recognizes game, and she is a baller. I have mad respect for her, and she gave everything she had and I think it's really awesome that they did give her that standing ovation. She earned it. She deserves it. She's worked hard, and I think she's a competitor, and she did great this year.

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