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June 6, 2021

Maddie Morgan

Lexi Kilfoyl

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Alabama Crimson Tide

Postgame Press Conference

Florida State - 2, Alabama - 0

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by Alabama student-athletes Lexi Kilfoyl and Maddie Morgan.

Q. Maddie, could you talk about what Florida State was doing in the circle that frustrated you tonight?

MADDIE MORGAN: They have a great pitching staff. Kudos to them. They're definitely making us do what we did not want to do. I think we were honestly pressing it a little bit too much. We just need to come out and make the little adjustments that we need to make.

Q. Talk about the decision for the NCAA to move your game back to tomorrow. Are you guys happy with that to get another day off or would you guys like to get back around and get back at the Seminoles tonight?

LEXI KILFOYL: Honestly, we could go right now. And I think that we would have -- that kind of lit a spark, we'd have enough to fight back. But I guess tomorrow, it does help because we're getting a day of rest and we get to regroup and come out tomorrow fresh and come at them.

MADDIE MORGAN: Same thing, what Lexi said. We're ready to go right now, but fortunately we get to get a day of rest and we're ready to go tomorrow.

Q. Lexi, with the situation with the two games, how soon was the plan communicated to you, and what was the overall strategy that you guys had coming into today with pitching?

LEXI KILFOYL: Well, usually it's just a day-to-day basis of who is throwing. You have to be ready at any moment. Today I went in there with all the confidence I had in me. And I went in there trusting my stuff. And it didn't end up the way we wanted it to. And I slipped a few spots here and there. But I'll be ready tomorrow and all the pitchers will be ready tomorrow, for sure.

Q. Lexi, how did the rain delay, how does that affect you mentally and physically as a pitcher, getting back out there? Maddie, in the field and batting, having a break like that in the middle of the game?

LEXI KILFOYL: I usually do well with rain delays because I'm from Florida, I'm used to that kind of thing. I went out there a little bit nervous because [inaudible] and used the rain delay to collect myself and think about, just get all the jitters out. And so I went out there. I felt better coming back after the rain delay.

MADDIE MORGAN: Rain delays are tough. Definitely especially playing one-half an inning, sitting for two hours. It's tough. It shouldn't matter, we should be ready to go. And we're just going to be way better tomorrow.

Q. Maddie, what did you see from Lexi tonight? She certainly gave you guys every opportunity to win the game, looked like she pitched really well today.

MADDIE MORGAN: Yes. Lexi, you pitched a great game today. And just as an offense we need to support you. And we're definitely going to make those adjustments for whoever is pitching. But, yeah, Lexi, you did great.

Q. Maddie, was it beneficial to see Sandercock, get some at-bats against her, because likely she'll start tomorrow?

MADDIE MORGAN: Absolutely. We got to see both their pitchers tonight. It's going to be beneficial for tomorrow. Tomorrow it's you win or you lose. So we're going to be ready.

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