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June 6, 2021

Caylan Arnold

Sydney Sherrill

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Florida State Seminoles

Postgame Press Conference

Florida State - 2, Alabama - 0

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by student-athletes Sydney Sherrill and Caylan Arnold.

Q. Sydney, I was hoping to ask you to walk us through how far from normal your routine was, getting back from the game late last night and getting up this morning, how far from normal that was?

SYDNEY SHERRILL: Yes, it was definitely different, but we came here to play softball and we wanted to play last night. We fought and we won the game and we were just excited to have another day of games. And then this game obviously getting delayed was another hiccup, but we work through that stuff all year.

Coach always tells us about adversity, and we knew it wasn't going to affect us that much. And we showed that this game.

Q. Just talk about the pitching performances. This game, like you said, was so long for you guys from the four hours of sleep, the rain delay and seeing your pitchers go out there and give it everything they can to keep you in the game, just talk about the excellence that they threw out there.

CAYLAN ARNOLD: First, I appreciate it. Thank you. We want to give everything that we have for our team. That's what I went out there trying to do today. People were asking me: How do you feel? Are you tired? Obviously I'm tired, we're all tired. I just said I'm going to go out there and give it my best.

And Kat's done the same thing. Kat's been phenomenal all year long. I didn't expect anything other than that from her. And I'm just really happy that we were both able to come out and be successful.

SYDNEY SHERRILL: I agree with Caylan. Pitchers were lights out today and held them off. We've had that duo all year, pitchers holding them off, figuring out ways to score. We did that this game. And it's awesome to have that stability on the pitching mound knowing that they can hold us off and we'll figure out ways to score.

Q. Were you surprised not to see Montana Fouts in the circle today?

SYDNEY SHERRILL: Yeah, I guess I was surprised. But also we scouted every pitcher and we knew what they had and I think we knew we were going to play, too. We want to play, too. So we know we're going to get it her at some point. So we're ready for it all.

Q. Take us through the at-bat that you drew the walk, bases-loaded walk. You fell behind 0-2 and some really close pitches and drew the walk. Tell us about that at-bat.

SYDNEY SHERRILL: I've been seeing it well. And just trying to stay in there and battle. Had a plan going in. Didn't really work out just seeing the pitches I was trying to see. So that was okay -- I was just trying to battle my way through and get the pitch that I wanted.

And I only got it once and I fouled it off. I just kept battling. And sometimes a walk is what it's going to take and I'm all for that.

Q. Talk about the mantra, because this is your seventh elimination win in this tournament, and your mantra has always been "pass the bat," keep it going to the next person. How is it that you guys never allow the moment to get too big and you just focus on getting the moment done?

SYDNEY SHERRILL: I think kind of comes from experience. We've been there so many times this season. It's been everybody throughout the lineup, throughout the bench, coming off the bench, everyone's been through it in these moments, whether we're down or we're up. And I think that experience throughout the season and that adversity has gotten us here today.

And it's allowed us to be able to work through those moments and everybody -- it's been everybody different every time. Somebody different every time. And that's just so cool to see. And we know it can be anyone at any time. And we have faith in our whole bench, our whole lineup, everything.

Q. Caylan, you're not really involved in the "pass the bat" part, but let's talk about pass the ball. And what was your thought when you knew you were going to start this game and what was your approach going into tonight?

CAYLAN ARNOLD: Well, I've pitched against Alabama several times before. So I felt comfortable going out there. I was excited, very excited. Who is not excited to pitch in the World Series? So that was just kind of my mindset going in.

And I'm so confident in our staff. I'm so confident in Kat and Danielle. I know they're going to come out and do their jobs, so that gives me confidence when they come out there. So that's -- I just feel really good about us as a staff.

Q. You've gotten a lot of fan support out there. I've heard K-time several times. And they've been really helping you I guess. Are you so locked in that you don't even hear that, or does it help you to have the fans there and some of your former teammates as well?

SYDNEY SHERRILL: Yeah, I think it's really awesome, our fan base. A lot of our alumni are here. It's so cool to see the support. And you know this program that has been built by the coaches obviously and the alumni before us, it's all been built and we've created a fan base, too, which is so cool to see. And the support we have is just amazing, looking up there. And we have our section, too. And it's just so cool to see.

And, yeah, it's really awesome to play behind. I'm at third base, I'm hitting my thigh, K-time. I'm right there with them. It's a great chant. I've heard it ever since I've been here, so it's been awesome.

CAYLAN ARNOLD: I think our fans are awesome. I think our boosters are awesome. Our alumni are amazing and the family atmosphere is truly incredible. And how cool is it that a former pitcher, Meghan King, is leading K-time? I definitely hear it and I definitely appreciate it. And I think it keeps us all really hyped up and together during the whole game.

Q. Could either of you describe what it was like getting back last night at the hotel? I assume it was around 3.00 a.m. Could you walk me through what you guys did and what that was like?

CAYLAN ARNOLD: I went upstairs, took my uniform off brought it down to be washed, took a shower and then I went to sleep. And that was that. We were so tired.

We were excited, though. We were still jamming on the bus on the way back. We were still excited and hyped up and ready to roll and get the sleep we need to come out today and perform.

SYDNEY SHERRILL: Honestly, it was hard to take a shower last night. I was exhausted. I was so tired. But I knew we got to play again and that was kind of the motivation. So I did shower and I went to bed.

I couldn't go to sleep because of my adrenaline, so I went to bed around 4:00, woke up just before the bus was about to leave. I got a good night's rest. I'm just thankful to be back here playing again.

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