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June 6, 2021

Megha Ganne

San Francisco, California, USA

The Olympic Club

Flash Interview

Q. We are with our low amateur Megha Ganne. Wrap up what this week has meant to you.

MEGHA GANNE: Everything. I'm going to remember this for the rest of my life. It's everything I've wanted since I was little, so it's just the best feeling.

Q. Talk about your play today. Obviously the course played challenging for everyone out there.

MEGHA GANNE: Yeah, it was tough for everyone. My whole group was struggling a little bit. The pins were really difficult today. The greens firmed up. It played like a completely different track than it did on Thursday and Friday.

I was just trying to get through it, and I'm glad I came back on the back nine with a strong round.

Q. We've been asking you this all week about the fans and what it feels like to hear those roars, but when you did that wave on the 18th, how did that feel?

MEGHA GANNE: Oh, it was just electric. I can't thank all these fans enough. They've made my week so much better than it could have been. I just felt like there was so much love and so much support, and all of them are really excited to be out here, which is so great to see because I feel like in a small way I'm making an impact on the game, which is really cool.

Q. I know you said yesterday that you're really good friends with Yuka and you were counting down the hours until you could play with Lexi and her. How was it actually experiencing that and playing with some of the best players in the world?

MEGHA GANNE: It was great. Actually it kind of felt similar to when I play in my own events. It felt kind of natural, which is really nice. But at the same time they're the best players in the world, so it was cool to see that I was alongside them, and it was an honor.

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