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June 6, 2021

Bo Hoag

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice way to finish off the round there. If we can get some comments on your final round and your week as a whole?

BO HOAG: It was great. This is the tournament that means the most to me. Growing up coming as a kid watching and wanting one day hopefully to be on the PGA TOUR and play in the Memorial. So to come out here, and I felt like I played pretty well for four days, but more importantly just kind of soak it all in, just friends and family and Central Ohio golf fans. It was awesome.

Q. Big smile on your face in the scoring room there when up on the TV they put you side by side with your swing and Mr. Nicklaus's swing. Just comment about what that meant.

BO HOAG: Yeah, I don't know that I'm following any footsteps, unfortunately, but cool to have a little connection there and, with the Nicklaus family and Muirfield Village. Yeah, just real special to me.

Q. Last time you were here you made the cut then the next two days didn't go quite as well. To make the cut this time and to have the last two days like you did compared to last time, how different did it feel?

BO HOAG: Yeah, I think I'm growing a little bit. Last year was my first year on the PGA TOUR. So just getting a little better, I think, and just showing in some results.

Q. As you put together four days like you did here, like how, stacking a good day on top of a good day on top of a good day doing it where it means so much to you. What does that feel like as that progresses? Does it get more special each day?

BO HOAG: Yeah, it was a weird feeling. I didn't even really feel like I was playing a PGA TOUR event. I just felt like I was playing Muirfield Village for four days just like I always did as a kid with my dad and my grandpa. So I think that helped me. Yeah, I just felt like, hey, just coming out to play golf in my hometown at Muirfield Village.

Q. Was there any moment that was maybe more special than any other or is it just kind of a collective enjoyable experience?

BO HOAG: It's pretty cool on the last green. I was able to -- the hole was playing pretty hard today. It's into a pretty good wind. Spieth and I both came up short in that bunker and, tough bunker shot, hit it to about 15 feet or so, and I've hit that putt a few times over the years, so just to see that one go down and kind of look around soak it all in, just enjoy the moment for a second.

Q. Have you talked to Jack this week?

BO HOAG: I have, yeah, a couple times, yeah, he kind of, he hangs out in the locker room there so it's good to kind of see him.

Q. Can you detail your relationship with him and your family's, I mean it's going back a long way, I know?

BO HOAG: Yeah, my grandpa and Jack met at Scioto Country Club way back in the day. Just Jack was, you know, phenomenal athlete, golfer, that was hitting it a mile; and my grandpa was a pretty good player, he was kind of a scratch amateur, so they kind of started playing some golf together and I just kind of transcended to my dad and my uncles and then myself. I mean even I'm just trading texts with Jack Nicklaus III. So it's kind of a generational thing. But, yeah, it's cool.

Q. You're going to finish tied for 13th right now, I don't think anyone's going to pass you. To have that kind of finish, what does that mean to you?

BO HOAG: Yeah, it's great. I mean to put four good rounds together at Muirfield, it's a tough golf course, Jack makes you hit some shots out there and I stepped up and hit some good ones this week. So take a lot of confidence from it.

Q. You said you didn't really feel it out there, but this week does mean so much to you. Will it be tough to turn the page now to next, whatever is next?

BO HOAG: I don't think so. I think it's just, yeah, it's just something I wanted to have as a little kid, coming off that 18th green a little later on a Sunday, with all the fans and my friends and family, everybody that loves me and wants me to do well, yeah, I just enjoy that moment.

Q. Stacking, as they said, kind of brick upon brick now, the foundation is in now, isn't it?

BO HOAG: Yeah, I mean fortunately my path's been a pretty good progression from my pro career and I feel like I've gotten a little bit better each year, which doesn't always work out that way. Yeah, so like you said, just feel like I'm putting some bricks on top of each other and just trying to find a way to get a little better each year and see how good I can get.

Q. You said earlier to me this year about the next step is contention, is it not?

BO HOAG: Yeah, yeah.

Q. And just being close to winning.

BO HOAG: Yeah, yeah. I mean, you know, we're always greedy as golfers, I wish I was in contention there on the last hole with a chance to win. But as they all say, it's a process and I think that might be a step in it that hopefully I can come back here one day and have a shot to win on the last hole would be awesome.

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