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June 5, 2021

Yuka Saso

San Francisco, California, USA

The Olympic Club

Flash Interview

Q. Talk about today a little bit.

YUKA SASO: I think I started good. Started with a birdie followed with a bogey. But I think I holed some good putts, just a little disappointing that I misread two putts, but I think it's a great day.

Q. Knowing you're in the lead and in the spotlight, so many fans in the Philippines are cheering you on, how have you handled the pressure?

YUKA SASO: First, I'm really thankful and happy that there's so many people cheering for me, but that doesn't really go into my head. I'm just so focused on what I have to do now.

Q. A lot of support out there for you yesterday. You were signing a lot of autographs. How does all that make you feel?

YUKA SASO: It feels a little not normal because this is actually just first tournament since I turned pro with the galleries, I think. So I've never really had to sign anything and this week it's just there's so many people and I'm happy to sign whatever, yeah.

Q. I know you had a couple bogeys on the card today, but especially on that front nine your scrambling was spectacular. Did you realize -- how comfortable are you feeling in your wedge game around the greens?

YUKA SASO: To be honest, I'm not, I don't think I'm very confident with my wedges, but I think I've been working on it, so I think, I mean, I'm thankful that it's working.

Q. After last year's experience too when you were in that final grouping today what was the mentality as you started off the first tee with Lee6?

YUKA SASO: I wasn't really thinking about anything, just do the same as what I did first couple days and, yeah, I think it worked pretty good.

Q. I know you told me back in Hawaii that there is no future in the past. I know you've been in contention numerous times before, especially on the JLPGA and back in Hawaii. What will you take from those past experiences to help you tomorrow?

YUKA SASO: I think I've learned so much last year and this year. I played in so many good tournaments and I've been having a great chance playing with the great players, seeing them play, being so patient, trusting on what they do, I think I've learned from that, so I think I'm just going to stay patient and trust the process.

Q. You'll be playing with Megha in the last group and she said that if she wasn't playing she would be rooting for you, that you're her favorite person.

YUKA SASO: (Laughing) Well, I'll be rooting for her too. I think I'm rooting for everyone. I hope you all play good.

Q. Will that be a comfortable pairing for you, playing with her?

YUKA SASO: Yeah, I think so. We have known each other for years, we played together in junior tournaments and she's really nice.

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