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June 5, 2021

Maja Stark

San Francisco, California, USA

The Olympic Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Talk me through your round and how you feel the course played differently today.

MAJA STARK: I don't think it played very different. There was more pins maybe tucked on the edges. I think that was one thing.

But otherwise I don't feel like -- well, I don't feel like it was that much different.

Q. You had three birdies. You're in the Top 10 going into the final round. Is an am, how do you feel?

MAJA STARK: I feel like I have way more to give. I feel like I don't know how many fairways I hit today, but not many, and I haven't hit that many greens either.

So I feel like I have a lot more to give. I'm very excited about tomorrow. I want some revenge.

Q. Second Women's Open as an am. Made it to the weekend both times. What is it about this big stage that really brought out the best of your play?

MAJA STARK: I don't think it's the best of my play, to be honest. But I think that I see a lot of people just focusing on making the cut, but I am just focusing on the top of the leaderboard. I feel like maybe that's something that's different.

So, yeah, maybe that's it. I think it's fun to play on great courses, difficult courses, so maybe that's good for me, too.

Q. Yeah. Definitely. One more. How is your mindset going into tomorrow? Are you going to change your approach at all?

MAJA STARK: No, I don't think I am. I been pretty aggressive every day, so I think I'm going to keep playing aggressively.

And I'm going to have to make a lot of birdies to catch the leaders, but, yeah, I think I'm just going to go out with the same mindset as always and play aggressively. Yeah, not do anything different.

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