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June 4, 2021

Odicci Alexander

Lynsey Meeks

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

James Madison Dukes

Postgame Press Conference

James Madison - 2, Oklahoma State - 1

THE MODERATOR: We'll start with questions for the student athletes.

Q. Odicci, before we talk about your play, let's talk about the defense behind you. How spectacular were they for you today?

ODICCI ALEXANDER: They were very spectacular. I really didn't have my best stuff today, but they kept me in the game, and I couldn't be more proud of each and every one of them making those big plays and coming up in those big moments.

Q. Lynsey, could you talk about your diving play and then throwing from your knees. That's a spectacular play. Kind of talk me through that moment. I know a lot of it is just reaction and instincts, but tell me about that play.

LYNSEY MEEKS: Yeah. A lot of it was reaction. The ball kind of had gotten behind me, so I knew I wasn't going to be able to get up on my feet and throw, so I just reared back and threw it as hard as I could and she did a great job stretching for it. I wouldn't have been able to do it without her.

Q. Lynsey, can you talk about that play at the plate? You were obviously very close to that. What did you see from Odicci? She picks the ball up, dives, just a really spectacular play on her part.

LYNSEY MEEKS: Unbelievable. You couldn't ask more from this girl. This girl's pitched 7 innings and then she goes and makes a diving game-saving play. It just shows you the player that she is and the person that she is. She's going to give everything that she has until the last three outs.

Q. Odicci, could you take us through that play and what your thought process was and how you pulled that off?

ODICCI ALEXANDER: It was a tough situation. Runners were at second and third and I kind of knew they were going to do something like that, so just being focused, and I mean, I kind of saw her in my peripheral and I really didn't have time to flip it to Lauren, so I just went for it.

Q. Let's talk about moving forward. You guys are the darlings of the softball world right now, and two spectacular wins. How do you enjoy that but also stay focused and get ready for Sunday? Let's start with Lynsey.

LYNSEY MEEKS: Yeah, I think we're going to celebrate a little bit for the next however long it is until our bedtime, and then we're going to take a nice rest day and revitalize, get back in and focus because we still got a long way to go. We're looking to win it all.

ODICCI ALEXANDER: That was a big word, Lynsey.

Q. Odicci, what do you think in that regard?

ODICCI ALEXANDER: I mean, same. Rest up, just keep embracing each and every one of these moments. I can't say that enough. I'm just so happy to be here and bring that fight, heart, passion, grit, all that when we play next.

Q. Lynsey, would you talk about Odicci's composure and the way that she handles and conducts herself in the circle? I mean, she is very composed. Does that help you guys in pressure situations as well?

LYNSEY MEEKS: Yeah, definitely. Looking over to my left and seeing her composed, seeing her relaxed, cool, calm, and collected really helps. It gives you confidence. It gives you, you know she's giving you her best, so you want to go out, make plays, and do your best for her. It definitely slows the heart rate and helps you make big plays.

Q. You guys are 2-0 against the Big-12. What did you see against those two teams that might help you for the rest of the tournament?

ODICCI ALEXANDER: What do I see in the two teams? We just played two tough teams, two of the biggest teams in the country. We knew we had to bring our best and, honestly, learning from that, I mean, just keep doing what we're doing and staying within ourselves.

LYNSEY MEEKS: I completely agree. I think both those teams, we saw a little mix of both. We got a rise from Oklahoma. We got a drop with Eberle and I think that just prepares us even more for the games going forward. Every at bat you learn something new, you learn how to lay off and just improve every at bat. So I think these games have just helped us grow confidence for us to keep playing hard and playing JMU softball.

Q. Odicci, on the tag at the plate, you were a little shaken up there, had to take a moment. Walk us through fighting through the tears in your eyes that we could see on television to get back and collect yourself and just what was going through your mind there?

ODICCI ALEXANDER: I mean, that was fight. I just got that big out. I wasn't letting up then. I was just ready to get the third one and be done and just win the ball game.

Q. Odicci, you're already starting with your post-game recovery, so what does tomorrow look like after two gritty wins for you, two long outings?

ODICCI ALEXANDER: Big rest day for me tomorrow, doing lots of rehab, and just staying in shape for my team and myself.

Q. Lynsey, talk about Hannah Shifflett's play. We've seen this a number of times this year, especially since the tournament started, when you have to throw to her, her stretching out there to make it a little easier for you. You as a first-year starter just talk about how your connection with her has been so far this year.

LYNSEY MEEKS: It's unbreakable. We have an awesome bond. I know that if my throw's off, she's going to get it, she's going to scoop it, or even go up or down the line. I know that she has my back. If I make a play, that my throw doesn't have to be perfect for her. She's going to do her best to do her job and catch the ball and get the out.

Q. On that play at the end of the game, was that just instinct taking over? Were you expecting the squeeze on that play? Walk us through how that kind of all played out.

ODICCI ALEXANDER: Honestly, I was expecting anything at that point. I knew they were going to try to do something with a runner on third, so just, you know, doing what I could to get that out. It was a big out and, I mean, I'm glad I did it.

Q. Lynsey, you're sitting here. You're 2-0 at the Women's College World Series, one win away from the championship series. I mean, describe this feeling right now. Do you guys, was this something you guys thought was possible at some point? I mean, just talk about what this means for this program.

LYNSEY MEEKS: I got to be honest, I didn't realize that it was one win away.


LYNSEY MEEKS: Yeah, okay. Maybe I was out of the loop on that one. But it is undescribable, this feeling, how far we have taken it, how far we have gone, and I think it just speaks to our program. All the hard work that we have put in in the off-season, it's finally showing and I couldn't be more proud of these girls and what we're accomplishing out on this big stage.

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