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June 4, 2021

Chelsea Alexander

Kelly Maxwell

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Oklahoma State Cowgirls

Postgame Press Conference

James Madison - 2, Oklahoma State - 1

THE MODERATOR: We'll start questions for our student athletes.

Q. Chelsea, whenever you lay a bunt in a situation like that, do you watch the play that happens or are you just focused on running? Take me through your vantage point of that play.

CHELSEA ALEXANDER: Once I see my bunt down, I just take off running. Once I hit first, I was looking, I honestly thought she was safe because off the bat it felt really good. So I didn't know she was out until I saw the replay on the board. I was telling them. It was a heck of a play, I mean, big-time play, a lot of respect to Odicci, that was big. But, yeah, I don't follow the play. I had no idea that she was out until the replay on the big screen.

Q. Kelly, you came in there to the fire and you just kind came out striking like it was nobody's business, and that's not an easy thing to do. So just walk us through that mindset of going in and being in that zone.

KELLY MAXWELL: Yeah, I think you just got to go after what you know. I mean, they're good hitters and I just threw my best, and then the crowd just being juiced up like that and coming in, it's pretty easy.

Q. Chelsea, you had success against Odicci. You got a base hit and drove in a run. What challenges did she present to you as you went to the plate?

CHELSEA ALEXANDER: She's a really good pitcher, a lot of props to her, but I think we prepared really well, so I felt like I was seeing the ball all right. It was just a matter of getting a ball through. So once I got that through, it just kind of boosted my confidence to be able to get a ball down on the bunt. We're just fighting through our at bats. So she's a really good pitcher and she held us to three hits, so a lot of props to her.

Q. After this loss, it was a hard fought game, so I would love to know just from both of you, how do you and your team take from this and move ahead and not think about what happened in the past?

KELLY MAXWELL: We just got to clear it. It happens. They're a great team. But we just got to come out tomorrow and be ready to go do what's us and not who we're playing, take it to the other team.

CHELSEA ALEXANDER: Yeah, I mean, to follow up on that, we just got to keep playing our game. We play with a chip on our shoulder and so does JMU. I think you saw that tonight. They're hot, so we just got to wipe that game out of our mind and come back fighting. We're really good or we wouldn't be here. So as long as we play our game, I think we'll be all right.

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