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May 2, 2021

Hyo Joo Kim

Republic of Singapore

Sentosa Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Take me through this incredible round.

HYO JOO JIM: I made a lot of bogeys in the first three round and I talked with my caddie yesterday. I made six bogeys, six birdies and six pars yesterday, and I talked with my caddie, let's try to keep the birdies, two sets of six today, and even though it was really hard, I had a really good day today.

Q. How confident do you feel in your game after a day like this?

HYO JOO JIM: It's not today's round that I feel confident. I've been playing really well for the past couple days and months. I'm just trying to keep it as it is, and I'm feeling good.

Q. You've been wearing a very particular mask all week. Why wear that mask all week?

HYO JOO JIM: I have an allergy, sun allergy. I have a severe sun allergy, and with this, I don't have to put any sun creme on and it feels very easy to get prepared.

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