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April 30, 2021

Tom Lewis

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Quick Quotes

Q. Talk about today and what is it about this course that really suits your game because you played terrific, bogey-free, 6-under at this place. That's a heck of a day?

TOM LEWIS: Yeah, I played well out there today. I drove the ball better yesterday, finished poorly, that was a shame. But everything was going the right way today. I holed some good putts on 6 and 7 there, which obviously helped the score. But yeah, it's a good course and the greens, I obviously seem to be rolling the ball really well and the greens are perfect.

Q. What is it about this time of year that's making it just a little easier, because there's some good scores out there that we have never seen in the past?

TOM LEWIS: I think obviously I'm not a veteran or anything out here but I know that the rough is meant to be quite thick up here and it's just not, it's just not thick out there at all. There's a couple of patches where you could get some bad lies, but all we're really focusing on is whether it's going to fly and it's probably why the scoring's a little bit better than usual.

Q. Are you thinking about winning after two rounds or is it way it too early he to be thinking about that?

TOM LEWIS: No, no, I'll be happy to just keep playing well. And two rounds under par -- don't know what the weather's like over the weekend -- but if it's like this, if I can shoot in the 60s both times, I would be happy, and wherever that is, then that would be great.

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