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April 29, 2021

Petra Kvitova

Madrid, Spain

Press Conference

P. KVITOVA/M. Bouzkova

6-2, 2-3 (ret.)

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you talk through the match. Up until Marie fell, how would you kind of rate your level in your first match in Madrid?

PETRA KVITOVA: Well, I think I started pretty well. In the second game when I was serving, I had 40-Love. Suddenly I lost the game, which was pretty annoying, to be honest. Down 2-1.

I think I started to play a little bit, like, better, I moved her a little bit better as well, I served much better as well, which definitely helped me a lot with the set, 6-2.

Obviously in the beginning in the second set, I made few really easy mistakes on my serve. Not really mistakes, but I don't think really smart plan, which I didn't really have. That's why she took a lead 3-0.

Yeah, unfortunately she fell over over there. I didn't know it will be like that serious actually. Normally falling down pretty often on the clay. Yeah, unfortunately I saw it afterwards. It was really bleeding.

I hope that she will be okay. I think she really still played quite okay. But, yeah, I mean, in the end of the match is really tough to describe.

Q. Because of getting deep-ish in Stuttgart, I believe you didn't get to Madrid with a lot of days to prepare for the start of the tournament, the tournament starting early. How tricky was it for you to make the adjustment? Because you're so familiar with Madrid, is it like riding a bike, it's easy? Or is the adjustment taking longer than you need?

PETRA KVITOVA: I mean, one year I think was '18, I came straight after Prague final and I played the next day. It was pretty quick one really. But on the other hand it was like on the way, I was winning, I didn't really was thinking too much.

Obviously here, as I mentioned, I had the two days, then I had the match. Of course, probably I going to prefer to play Friday, but that's how it is. I'm not complaining right now actually (smiling).

Actually, I practice outside, on the outside courts, as well. I mean, it's different to play on the big ones like indoor or outside. I think outside is a little bit more flying, the courts are a little bit more drier.

I love playing indoors, as well. But it's just different. I think it's really about few times to hit there. Luckily I had a warmup over there, so I little bit knew what was coming over there.

It was nice to see people in the stands, as well, to be honest. I really missed them. I think the match conditions suits my game kind of. It's good. It's helpful, as well, for the tennis here.

Q. Looking ahead, you'll play Angie. You've played a lot of grueling matches. Talk about facing her now at this stage in your careers. Does it make it different playing on clay?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, actually it's quite long time when we played each other I think as well. I'm really looking forward to play her because, as I mentioned, is long time ago. She's a lefty so that will be big challenge. I think she is still working very hard. That's what I know. Still fighting and everything, even I think she doesn't have that many matches as she wanted. I think she's still there competing, fighting. That's how we both will be.

It will be very interesting match for the second round, to be honest. I'm really looking forward. She had a good practice today against Marketa, who is a lefty. Yeah, we will see. It will be nice one, for sure.

Q. What did you think when you saw your opponent fall down and after a long time medical treatment?

PETRA KVITOVA: Well, in the beginning when she fall down, I missed the drop volley, I was like I hope that she was okay. As I mentioned, I think many times we are falling down on the clay when you slide. Yeah, then I saw she couldn't really hold the racquet for the serve. She took a medical timeout, but I didn't know it would be that bad probably.

It's kind of tough to play somebody, as well, who you know has injured herself. It was a bit tougher. But on the other hand, I mean, I played quite okay those two games. I was really fighting. That's I think bring me back little bit.

Yeah, it's probably happening, but I'm sorry for her.

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