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April 28, 2021

Jillian Bourdage

Casey Weidenfeld

Carrollton, Texas, USA

Maridoe Golf Club

Press Conference

Q. Jillian, this obviously has to be super disappointing. This is now the third final you get to and you don't walk away with the trophy. Kind of take me through your feelings right now, how you're feeling after another disappointment.

JILLIAN BOURDAGE: Obviously it's not the best feeling in the world, but that's just what comes along with the game of golf. You're either going to win or you're going to lose. I was trying to take each shot one at a time and keep my head in the game for as long as I could.

Putting wasn't working today for the short ones, but nonetheless I was really proud of how I played this week, especially with my ball-striking for today. I think that was something that felt really accomplishing there.

Q. Casey, maybe you could talk about this. You guys started out the final right off the bat with a birdie, and you just couldn't seem to get any other birdie. I think you had five bogeys in a seven-hole stretch there. Did you just maybe one out of gas? Did something just not click after that first hole?

CASEY WEIDENFELD: Well, for me, it just seemed like my game was a little off the second match today. The first match I played very well, and I was super proud, but that second match, maybe I burned out of energy.

I still played solid. We just bogeyed the same exact holes.

Yeah, I mean, we also squared a hole with a birdie. They almost eagled actually, so I had to make a 15-footer for birdie just to square 11.

They played really well, and that didn't help our situation.

Q. Talk a little bit about the match this morning; obviously you had a 4-up lead, you lose that lead, then you win in 20 holes. You guys won in 20 holes two years ago in the semifinals, as well. Did that take something out of you, or were you like okay, we've done this before, maybe this is good karma?

CASEY WEIDENFELD: Well, it was really awesome actually to win in 20 holes because it just like reaffirmed that like -- it almost reaffirmed we were like supposed to be there, and it really helped that -- I know we lost four holes coming in, but getting the needed par and the birdie to win that match felt really good going into the finals.

Q. Obviously it's a long day, a long week. They played 20 holes, too, this morning. Do you get a little loss of energy when you beat a team of that caliber? I know seeding doesn't always matter in match play, but not as heralded a duo as the girls you beat this morning. Was there maybe something taken out of you from this match?

JILLIAN BOURDAGE: I personally don't think that I lost any energy going into this round. If anything I felt motivated because we just came back on this last -- let me rephrase that. We made really clutch putts to win on the 20-hole match right before that, and I think what happened is that as the match continued to go on, we might have played a little too conservative on some of our shots, which might have cost us.

Especially for me, I've been having doubts with my short putting all day, so regardless of how I was striking the ball, we just made too many mistakes. In my case it was definitely short shots, and I think for Casey it was some of her approaches.

CASEY WEIDENFELD: I went a little too aggressive.

JILLIAN BOURDAGE: Nonetheless, though, I really don't think that that first match wore us out. I think we were really excited to play this one, and just the shots didn't fall how they needed to, so that's all.

Q. You've been through this now twice to get to the finals. This is your third time playing together. Regionals next year? I think I looked, the dates aren't going to conflict with the Four-Ball. Do you think guys about coming back? Do you guys want to go for another shot at this?

CASEY WEIDENFELD: I would love to, but it honestly depends on the scheduling. I'm redshirting next year, so I don't have a conflict, but with regionals it's a conflict for Jillian. We'll see how it falls, and yeah, we'll just see.

JILLIAN BOURDAGE: This is our favorite tournament of the year, so that would be awesome if we can get back in there and compete again for a championship title. Hopefully clinching it at the end. Nonetheless, that's the goal hopefully, but we'll see if we have any conflicts.

Q. Obviously Ohio State's situation this year allowed you to play this year because if you would have been playing the Big 10s you wouldn't have been able to play this week.

JILLIAN BOURDAGE: I actually redshirted this year, as well. I'm a redshirt, as well, so I'll be competing for the first time next season, and it worked out that we weren't playing that many events and that we weren't playing postseason, so with the redshirt and then that, it allowed me to compete in this, and I was really excited to since I had the opportunity and since Casey is going to college next year.

Q. I'm curious, Casey, you've published two books. Is there a third one coming?

CASEY WEIDENFELD: There is a third one coming. I've been very slammed with school, but I'm working it out. I finished the book in sixth grade, but I'm just editing some things, but it will be out soon, hopefully before I get to Auburn. If not, hopefully by the end of the year.

Q. Is this something you want to do for a career, because I know Emilia Migliaccio at Wake Forest is going to not pursue golf and is going to become a writer, as well. Is this something you want to do?

CASEY WEIDENFELD: I would like to try to professionally golf, but if not writing is definitely my passion.

Q. Jillian can fly you around in a plane.


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