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April 11, 2021

Bubba Watson

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. I'm intrigued by something you said earlier in the week --

BUBBA WATSON: I hope it wasn't something I messed up.

Q. No, you were asked about the fact that you come to the Women's Amateur and the Drive, Chip & Putt and you said you really feel like a member here. I wonder if you could expand on that. Did that happen right away? Does that happen when you win two of these things?

BUBBA WATSON: No. I mean, it's how I was raised. It's how I was brought up. It's one of those things that you dream about winning one of these, and then you win it, then you meet the membership, you learn more about the club. A lot of things happen behind closed doors because of the green jacket, and so you just learn about a lot of people and you learn about truly what they're doing to grow the game.

Every member here has a little input, and how do they grow the game the right way, and how do they make this club shine the right way.

You know, I think their processes are kind of like my golf game; I learned it on my own. It's a slow process, but hopefully it's going in the right direction, and I think that's what they do. They analyze everything, and they make everything perfect.

They brought in the juniors, and then what, a couple years later they brought in the Women's Amateur. When I learned about that, that's where it kind of changes my outlook, changes how I feel about things. I learn. There's so many charity dollars given from just this tournament -- and we're not counting the members, what they give personally, I'm just talking about from this tournament, this club.

You know, you learn from that, and you see that and learn from that, and then you talk about the individual guys and girls here that are members, how much they give personally to charity around the world. You learn about those things, and it makes you want to be a part of it. It makes you want to be a part of this club, and luckily for me I've won twice, so if they get mad at me once, I still have another one I can have.

Q. Do they seek your input at all as a player on things that make the game grow since you came up in it or anything like that?

BUBBA WATSON: You know, nobody has ever reached out to me and asked for my input. I think they just hear things. There's guys everywhere. We kind of bring golf -- I bring guests here. My wife comes and plays. We play with a member, we play with Condoleezza Rice. You know, just talking and discussing. And again, the membership here is smart enough, they don't need Bubba Watson's help, but they sit back -- I'm guessing they sit back for the next week, maybe two weeks, and really push hard of how they can improve in situations.

That's what I'm saying. Their processes are phenomenal, and I've learned that over the years, and it helps me get better at my businesses, not only my life but my businesses when I go back home.

Q. So it's even more not this week, the other 51 weeks of the year than when you come here for the tournament?

BUBBA WATSON: What do you mean?

Q. As far as the feeling and what they do and --

BUBBA WATSON: Yes. Yeah, 100 percent. I'm involved here during this week because I'm a player, but obviously if I was older, a few years from now, if I'm not playing or not playing well, then I might be more involved differently. But my involvement right now is just showing up, supporting all the things that they do, and again, being a small part of the club here. That's what I try to do. I've said I'm going to be here for the Women's Amateur and the juniors, and hopefully they'll let me keep teeing it up and being a past champion that's still playing.

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