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April 4, 2021

Nana Koerstz Madsen

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Solid effort in this the final round. 6-under par 66. That ties your second lowest mark for 18 holes at a major championship. Take us through the day.

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Well, kind of started on the back nine. I was 1-under on the front. Made a bogey on 10, and then I had a nice roll of threes off that. So, yeah, that's how it went.

Q. That's always a good feeling.


Q. When you can climb the leaderboard like this on a Sunday, what does it do for your confidence for next week, two weeks, two months down the line for to you look back and see what you accomplished in the final round of a major?

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: It means a lot. I mean, I've had a tendency not to play very well when I'm nervous or I'm up there, so I'm really happy that I was able to control nerves and stuff.

I know I wasn't playing for the win or anything, but it was still a good result for me.

Q. Is that kind of like a hurdle maybe you feel like you passed today, getting rid of some nerves in a final round?

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: Yeah, for sure. Something I been working hard on, so I'm really excited to see it paying off a little bit.

Q. Take us through the week, just how pleased you are with your performance at the 50th anniversary of the ANA Inspiration.

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: First of all, I just love this place. I think it's my fourth time here. I really like the course. I like that it suits longer hitter.

Yeah, it's my best major result so I'm happy with that.

Q. Absolutely. You should be. Take us through. Week off, Hawaii and L.A. and a couple Asian events and then back for some more west coast. What is the plan for the week off and rest of the west coast swing?

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: I'm actually taking the next two weeks off. Coming back for L.A.; I like that course, too. Really excited to go to Asia. I've never been to Thailand or Singapore, so that will be exciting.

Q. Yeah, first in your career.


Q. That will be awesome. Masters pick? Any favorite for the Masters this week?

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: No. I'm just really excited to just have a week off where I can just watch golf, watch the Masters.

Q. Any favorite if you were like I would like to see him win?

NANA KOERSTZ MADSEN: I like all the long hitters like Brooks Koepka, McIlroy. Yeah, so...

Q. Those are good.


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