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April 4, 2021

Minjee Lee

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Minjee, 5-under 67 to end the 50th ANA Inspiration. Take us through the day and how it got to 67.

MINJEE LEE: Yeah, yeah, I mean, I just started with like six pars I think and then I birdied two holes in a row. I think it was 7 or 8 or something like that.

And, yeah, just sort of gave me a little bit of momentum going into the back nine. Yeah, I made up three birdies on the back, so finished 5-under today.

Q. You had the eagle in round one on No. 18.


Q. Take us through that and how the 18th played this week with no grandstand and if you liked the setup.

MINJEE LEE: Yeah, I mean, the first day I eagled the 18th hole, which was pretty cool. I actually saw it go in, my third shot. I think I had like 80 meters in. It was just the perfect shot and I was like, Oh, so good. And I saw it drop in, so it was pretty special.

I actually really enjoy playing the island green. I think because the tee was up every day on 18 we could sort of play like risk and reward, if you wanted to do go for it if you had a good number.

Today I went for it but the other days I didn't. Yeah, it was just good conditions today. Not much wind right now. Yeah, hybrid onto the green.

Q. How can a round like this at a major championship kind of maybe provide some momentum, something to look back on throughout the year, like this is what I can put together?

MINJEE LEE: I always enjoy playing this golf course, so I'm actually a little disappointed that I didn't play as well yesterday. Like I feel like I would play well here because of good ball striking, but yeah, I'm a little disappointed with this week, but I'm happy to finish on a good note.

Q. Week off before more the west coast swing.


Q. What are the plans for week off and looking ahead to Hawaii?

MINJEE LEE: Yeah, I'm going to go back to Dallas because I haven't been for a couple months. I'll check out my house there and just do a little bit of housework and a little bit of cleaning.

But, yeah, other than that, do a little bit more practice and get ready for the next four events.

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