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April 4, 2021

Aditi Ashok

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. 16 majors that you've now competed in in your professional career to tie Anirban Lahiri.


Q. What's it mean to set that mark and join him as one of the most prestigious Indian golfers?

ADITI ASHOK: Yeah, I think it means a lot. And of course from my rookie year, in my rookie year I played all the five majors so it's always been my goal to be at the majors and play well there.

I think I'm getting better, getting a little bit more experience with it. Yeah, of course means a lot, especially coming from India where golf isn't that big and women's golf is still not as big as men's golf is. Yeah, it means a lot being an Indian at every major.

Q. Is it extra special that it could be here at the ANA Inspiration, an event that really has some deep roots in LPGA tour history and celebrating this 50th anniversary this year?

ADITI ASHOK: Yeah, for sure. Even for me this event is special. I think the first time I made cut at a major was the ANA, and it's always my birthday week, like my birthday is during the ANA, so always a fun week for me.

Yeah, it's good. I'm enjoying it.

Q. Well happy birthday.

ADITI ASHOK: Thank you, yeah.

Q. How did it feel to play out there and kind of early in the season just to get your feet under you as well?

ADITI ASHOK: Yeah, I think it was good. Obviously it wasn't -- haven't played many events in the last one year of being at home. I think maybe five or six LPGA, so, yeah, it's good to get back into it. Making cut at a major is always a good sign, even if I didn't finish off the four days as good as I wanted.

So, yeah, hopefully build on this for the next few majors.

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