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March 24, 2021

Jordan Spieth

Austin, Texas, USA

Austin Country Club

Quick Quotes - 2

Q. When you and I were talking on Monday when the groups came out you pointed out Matt Fitzpatrick is a hot player and he is going to be a very difficult opponent. That being said how impactful is this victor for you moving forward?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah I thought between Matt and Corey I got two, if you took world rankings the last three months instead of the last two years I got two of the best and Matt Wolff obviously the multiple time winner on TOUR and has played really well the last year. So knew it wasn't going to be easy. Matt, he's won a U.S. Amateur, he's in every single hole, doesn't make many mistakes and fortunately I got off to a good start, allowed me to kind of just play some safer shots and give myself some looks try and just get it inside of his own each hole after the kind of first nine.

Q. From a playing with freedom in regards to your swing perspective, where were you today?

JORDAN SPIETH: I struck my irons really well, I didn't drive it particularly as well as I did the last few weeks, so I got to go work on that a little bit. It's kind of hard to tell out here sometimes you just done hit a ton of drivers, it's pretty narrow, but I struck my irons beautifully, I hit some mid irons within four, three feet. I had a couple gimmies after hitting 6-irons and 8-iron, so in match play if you can kind of get your iron play dialed in out here that's obviously a huge advantage with these par-3s.

Q. I thought that was a really well played match. You only loss one hole the entire day, got 3-up at the turn, and then played really steady golf on the way in. Give me your idea of the match?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I didn't make a bogey, two par-5s I was green side in two and made par. Other than that I struck my irons really well, I really would like to putt a little bit better, but tee to green it was what I needed to do out here. I found myself in having more putts to win the hole than Matt did and what a tough opponent he is in match play, a U.S. Amateur winner and somebody who's been playing some really good golf. So big match to get kind of a victory on early on, still in control of my own destiny.

Q. I've been meaning to ask this question, talk about your season in BF and AF, before Farmers and after Farmers. Because you show up at Waste Management and you look like a different player. What happened in those four days? I mean, obviously it wasn't four days it would have been something that's been building for awhile.

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, sure, it had been. Farmers, I kind of was, it was close and then I really just had one bad nine holes out there when we got some hail and stuff coming in. So I really didn't look at that as a negative, I thought I was doing really good work in the off-season, trying to take every advantage and opportunity I could to improve and made some significant changes and just needed some rounds in order to gain some confidence. That Friday, Saturday at Phoenix was good for me and from there I've just been trying to get 10 percent better each week, not trying to force it to where I'm trying to get on my A game every single week, but still make steady progress and I'm starting to -- each week I just want to be able to hit some shots I didn't quite have the week before and it was solid today, I would like to drive the ball a little bit better tomorrow, we're going to get some really tough conditions it looks like, so if I can just find these greens in regulation, I think I hit, other than the fringes I think I hit every single green in regulation, so maybe missed number 11, so that's a really good match play if you're on the green putting for birdie.

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