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March 13, 2021

Jordan Spieth

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA

TPC Sawgrass

Quick Quotes

Q. Did it feel pretty normal out there for a weekend?

JORDAN SPIETH: A little bit. I was off early, yeah, that felt very normal for an early Saturday round. I'm sure this afternoon it will feel very normal. If you're toward like the final groups or in premier parings the first two days, it's hard to pack more than a certain amount of people in any way, so it all looks really normal, yeah.

So, even though it was a long time, it was a year, almost a year since we have had any crowds, it has been a year since we have had any crowds, we played so many years with them that it actually, I was surprised at how kind of normal it felt versus for awhile there we were getting pretty accustomed to just kind of walking wherever we wanted to and everything just being quiet.

Q. You were talking about where your game felt a month and a half ago and now you got a series of contention events, you're back up in it again, a little bit right now. I mean how do you sort of process sort of the transition from your confidence a month and a half or two months ago to where it is now?

JORDAN SPIETH: Just building blocks. Confidence level the same as the swing, same as, same as putting, it's just building, it's just trying to -- I kind of last week I needed to trust a lot more shots than I did on the West Coast, it's such a more difficult track and you must hit fairways. This week's the same if not more so, you get away with even less here.

So I think it's been a really nice progression of difficulty of golf courses along with kind of going from Phoenix to Pebble to L.A. to last week to here. So it's just about standing up and trusting shots and keeping yourself in there when your misses are a little off, being able to kind of make par with those and not having any kind of tee balls wayward iron shots or something cost you a couple strokes. I had one today which hurt me but that's really the only one this week so far and it was just a lapse of concentration.

So I feel great, I've driven the ball well enough to win this golf tournament when the rest of my game is where it should be and I just haven't made anything. I simply just have not. And I've putted it this tournament well two out of 20 rounds that I've played here. I just misread every single putt. I think it does something, it does something else. And that's really just this track, I don't see that anywhere else. So today really, honestly, today should have been 8-under, no question, easily. This was the best I've played in and the best I put myself in position in a long, long time and I feel really good about that around this track.

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