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February 11, 2021

Paul Casey

Pebble Beach, California, USA

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you describe your round today?

PAUL CASEY: The score is clearly pretty good, if you look at the Spyglass scores, but anybody who witnessed that would know that I'm probably not very happy with it. I feel like I turned an 8-under into a 4-under. Missing a bunch of putts. But it is what it is.

Q. Coming from Saudi Arabia how are you feeling like physically, jet lag-wise?

PAUL CASEY: Confused. The trip from Saudi, Dubai, Saudi, it's about a 12-hour time change. So, confused. Sleeping okay, but it's just, it's difficult, it always is. You combine not only that but then you got a very different golf course setup. We went from Paspalum greens last week which were very good to these poa, which are very good, but it's so different. So it's a challenge.

So it's what we do. I've always been a global player and I kind of relish the challenge, but it doesn't make it easy when you come up on these kinds of golf courses, as I say, the fatigue and the jet lag and all that kind of stuff, it just makes it a little trickier.

Q. Did you find the greens a little quicker here at Spyglass than in years past?

PAUL CASEY: They are. I'll be honest, they are in phenomenal shape we played nine at Pebble yesterday, nine at Spy yesterday. Arguably the best condition I've seen both golf courses. Now reasons, we don't know, maybe a little less play, weather, there's a lot of factors to that.

The other thing is we got different pin positions than we normally seen at an AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. Without the amateur partners standing next to us, the TOUR can obviously be a little bit more aggressive, that's what it feels like, so we have explored some places on the golf course on the greens particularly that we have not seen before. We have got some even some tees that I noticed at Pebble yesterday they're going to move them back to kind of U.S. Open tees from a couple of years ago, which I think is great. But it means that -- the typical scores are always going to be phenomenal, but, yeah, great condition golf course, different pin setup, different golf course setup, end up with some different scores. I think some exciting golf too.

Q. Was it a little weird not having your amateur partner next to you?

PAUL CASEY: My partner is Don Colleran, who we were victorious a couple of years ago in the pro-am section, in the pro-am tournament. He is honestly gutted not to be here. It's his, as he puts it, it's his Super Bowl. So we have been sending him text messages all week and winding him up, telling him how beautiful it is.

It's strange. It is odd. Look, I love the amateur, the pro-am format of this event, just the same as the Am Ex a couple weeks ago in Palm Springs. I love the pro-am format of that too. We're all hoping there's light at the end of the tunnel and those formats come back hopefully sooner rather than later.

Q. What might you have to work on a little bit with your putting before tomorrow's round?

PAUL CASEY: Just making it. Stop missing.

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