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February 7, 2021

Jordan Spieth

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

TPC Scottsdale

Quick Quotes

Q. I know disappointed to not win. Just get some comments on the final round.

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, tough start, and then, you know, I needed to one-putt the last two to not have more than 36 putts today. Felt like I hit good putts, and as much as the lid was open other days, it was closed today.

That's just it. Swing-wise it felt the same as the last couple days, so progressing, but clearly not an A game. But enough to be able to stay in and hit some greens and give myself some chances.

And, man, today I just couldn't hit them hard enough. They just looked faster to me. I probably left six or seven in the hard short, which is a bit unusual.

Q. You still were right there with a chance until pretty deep into the back nine. Was there a shot that you felt like that pretty much ended it for you?

JORDAN SPIETH: When I missed the putt on 16. Michael asked me if I knew where I was at. I said no. Is it these guys? He said, No you got to get to 19. That was when I was on the green on 15 after hitting the water, so I knew I had to birdie the last three.

Hit a good putt on 16 and it missed. Then you got to make an eagle, birdie, and with that pin on 17 it's hard. I toed it, which is why it had some hook spin, and went into the water.

I was shocked it went as far as it did. I thought it would get on the front of the green and be able to birdie there.

But, yeah, all in all, I hate shooting over par in general. I felt nervous to start, but pretty comfortable early into the round, so that's a really good sign.

I was comfortable in the position I was in, and that's a very new position for me, because it's been a little while. So I like to compare it to how I was in 2014 a number of times in the final group and just kind of had -- the putts didn't go in on Sunday, and you got to relearn what tendencies you have and then just keep on getting there, keep on getting in position. Then they go your way sometimes.

So that's the goal. I'm really excited about the progress that has been made in the first two weeks. It is far from where I want it to be as far as how it feels, but, boy, I was debating not even playing this week, dropping out on Friday afternoon last week.

So I just wanted to potentially go home, and felt like I was really far from where I needed to be and this golf course in general isn't a great golf course for me historically, so I thought I could then go in to Pebble a little fresher. Boy, I'm glad I came.

Q. What do you think a result like this does for the rest of your season?

JORDAN SPIETH: Right now it's -- again, it's -- yeah, for the rest of the season I think I'm only looking forward. Only looking at this from a positive angle right now. I really am.

Again, it's disappointing to essentially give the -- for myself and Xander, felt like we had an opportunity to get out and make it a two-man race on the front nine and we brought everybody back in. So that part is really frustrating. Shot is a shot. Progress through the week.

Looking forward, like you asked, I think I believe in what I'm doing. A result like this just helps confirm what I was already feeling, and that just moves the needle the right direction.

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