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June 14, 1997

Tiger Woods


Q. Boy, oh, boy, was that fun.


Q. You looked like you gained great momentum right out of that coming out of the rain delay.

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I hit a bad shot to start off with. I went over the grand stand -- hit the grand stand, but I holed a 3-wood from over the green. But, I never really hit a whole lot of good shots. And, then when I did get on the green, I couldn't get the pace of the green and it made me 3-putt a few times.

Q. Was it just pacing?

TIGER WOODS: I could never get the speed right. And, when you're playing greens this fast, you have to have the speed. And, I just didn't have my speed.

Q. Do you feel like you've ever really gotten in the rhythm?

TIGER WOODS: It comes in spurts. I'll play four or five or six good holes, then I'll kind of lose it for a little bit. And, hopefully, I'll get it back. But, it's never really stayed with me an entire round. I've never had the flow of my golf swing all 18 holes or my putting stroke. And, when you're playing on a golf course that is this severe (inaudible).

Q. How much can you attack and try to get into a rhythm and try to --

TIGER WOODS: I need to hit a lot of good shots, give myself opportunities. Whether I make them or not, I hope I will make them. But, the key in shooting any good round is to give yourself some chances and, tomorrow, if my swinging is feeling any good, I'll have some chances. But, if it's not, then I'll have to give myself those 15- to 20-footers and hope I can make those.

Q. If the greens are wet, do you think you can fire it in there?

TIGER WOODS: You mean tomorrow?

Q. Yes.

TIGER WOODS: Maybe. I really don't know. If I'm swinging well, yes, I possibly can, but, you know, it comes in spurts. It depends on what time you catch me. If I'm swinging well, yeah -- I might fire at the pin.

Q. 17 and 18 twice, do you change strategy each time depending on the situation?

TIGER WOODS: On 18, it's a pin you don't fire at, period. I hope I can put it on the green for the first time.

Q. When do you decide when you're swinging well?

TIGER WOODS: You just know. Any golfer knows.

Q. On the practice tee or --

TIGER WOODS: Not really. Sometimes on the practice tee, that could be the worst jinx of all.

Q. Why did you elect to play the 16th and was there any concern about darkness?

TIGER WOODS: Everyone wants to finish. You don't want to start off cold on a tough driving hole. But, then you have 17, as well, so in either case, those are two tough holes, but you want to get them over with because you are in a flow, you are in a rhythm of the round and you just want to finish.

Q. You've had a lot of comebacks in USGA events. You're 8th back now. Do you think that's insurmountable?

TIGER WOODS: I don't know, it depends on the conditions. It depends on what the leaders are doing and obviously what I do. If I play well, I can give myself a chance at winning. But, it all follows to the leaders, whether they keep going forward or they stay right there.

Q. Why was the back 9 so difficult?

TIGER WOODS: It really wasn't that difficult. I didn't putt well and I hit some bad shots.

Q. Do you think that after those birdies, the way you played, then you gave a couple back.....

TIGER WOODS: No, I hit a bad shot on 12, came out of it. I was just trying to put the ball over on the left side, and hit a bad shot. And, of course, I kept going with a bad shot.

Q. What did you hit on that hole?

TIGER WOODS: A 6-iron.

Q. Was there a change in the greens?

TIGER WOODS: A huge change. The greens became real slow, and the pace I'm used to is a little different so it's hard for me to get used to the pacing. The pace of the putting green is totally different from the pace of the greens on the golf course.

Q. Was the darkness a factor? Tom said he couldn't see shots landing.

TIGER WOODS: No, you couldn't see any shots landing.

Q. Did you have the same type of shot when you pulled the 3-wood again?

TIGER WOODS: This one was a lot harder, but still it was the same motion, same shot.

Q. Holing a 3-wood, do you think that's a trend?

TIGER WOODS: I might have to use it on the short putts, too.

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