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November 19, 2020

Lexi Thompson

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. An ace today from Lexi Thompson on No. 3. Take us through what happened there on that par-3.

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I had about 162 I believe to the pin. Hit a full 9-iron and it was kind of flagged right off the face. I kind of went off a guy behind the green. He put his hands up. I couldn't tell if it went in or not.

But it's a great feeling, even though there was only about ten people that saw it. Still a good feeling for me.

Q. You've now had two hole in ones in two consecutive years. That's $40,000 to St. Jude's through CME Group, our hole-in-one sports challenge. How does it make you feel that something as simple as a hole in one -- not simple, but something like a hole in one can be so beneficial?

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, definitely not simple but at the same time having two in the last year and donating that much money to the St. Jude's Hospital means the world to me. It's not only helping my scorecard, but it's helping out the world and these kids. So it's just a great way to give back, and I think that's what the LPGA Tour does great with.

Q. And fun fact, your hole in one we've now hit $200,000 on the year so far. What does that mean as well?

LEXI THOMPSON: It means the world, I think to everybody out here. We're not just athletes who play well in our sport, but we want give back. It's such a great way and I think it's a great idea what they're doing.

I know hole in ones are very rare, but at the same time, once we do make them and donating that much money means the world to all of us out here.

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