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November 14, 2020

Jordan Spieth

Augusta, Georgia

JORDAN SPIETH: I mean, I made two putts over‑‑ I made one putt over 12 feet, two putts over 10 feet combined for the two days, and they were on the first and the last of the second round, and I just made a lot of good putts, burning a lot of edges. But, yeah, I mean, at least in the tale of me versus the cut line, I was on the good end this time, looks like, versus last week. So I'd have it this way versus the other.

Q. On 18, talk about how you weren't happy with your pitch there, and how do you regroup real quick?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I was actually in a lot better head space than I was last week. I had to just two‑putt, but about 45 feet up a ridge last week. It's just when you don't have great control of the ball, 18 is just‑‑ I was hitting my draws pretty well off the tee, so I still tried to play that draw and just mis‑hit it and I ended up in a tough spot.
The chip was‑‑ in the mornings out here, a lot of times it's easier to chip because that dew on the ground, the ball skids on the green. I had a few of them earlier in the day. I just couldn't tell if it had kind of reached that point where the water has kind of settled in and it's sticky or if it's still dewy, and it makes such a big difference. I couldn't fly it onto the green given the downslope it was on. I didn't hit a great chip, but I knew I gave myself‑‑ if I miss it on the far end, it goes past the hole. Now I've got to up and down putt, and it doesn't stop rolling until about 20, 25 feet.
I was in a better head space than last week. Certainly, that's a putt where statistically you're still at 1 out of 3 at best, but I knew what it was going to do. It was just a matter of matching line and speed. So it was fun. It was a cool putt to hit.
You know, sometimes it's more nerve‑racking trying to make the cut than it is trying to win the tournament just because you know that your game's not necessarily at its best. So to kind of power through that towards the end of the round today was nice.

Q. What is it like to sleep on eight holes to make the cut in the Masters?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I mean, 11 is probably the worst place you could start in the morning at 7:30. I did the hard part of hitting a really good drive there, but you've got to be so precise from 10 through really 13's tee ball, really 13 into the approach shot, and you can't really let up on any of those shots. So it's just tough at 7:30.
Starting on the back nine in general, you know, we're not used to it this week, and it's a daunting task starting there. But I hit a great shot into 13, settled down a little bit, and after that, I was trying to‑‑ I was actually at a place where I thought, if I could get to 1 under, I'd feel a little bit of space there where I could start playing more aggressively, and I just never could quite get to 1 under to where I could feel I was going to try to move up the leaderboard versus protecting the cut line.
You can hit fairways out here. 17, I had some mud on the right side of the ball, and all of a sudden, I find myself in a bunker, and now I've got to figure out a way to par 18. But now I've got two free rounds, nothing holding me back from firing at flagsticks. It's really no down side. Any time I've been able to play with freedom on this course, it's gone really well.
So try and go hit some balls, really try to find a little something to go off of as we go into the afternoon round, and hopefully that putt makes the hole look a little bigger.

Q. (Inaudible)?
JORDAN SPIETH: I had 200 to the hole, like 95 to the front edge, which is a very narrow little passageway, and I hit a 5 iron. 5 iron has been a good club for me on that hole. Really it was the tee shot that's so good. That's a hard shot in the morning, when it's colder too, to get up to where you have a 5 iron in and not have to hit lumber, that was nice.
It was all of that 5 iron this morning. That's a 210 club, 215 maybe at home sometimes for me, but here it was a little into a breeze at 200. Michael really liked the 4 iron, and I wanted to commit to hitting something full off of that side hill lie and just put a really good swing on it.

Q. When you hit that putt at 11, spin it around, what's the putt there?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I mean, overnight sleeping, how can I just‑‑ let's make a 4 on 11 and put it on the green on 12 and then get rolling. After missing‑‑ I hit a great chip on 11 and just misread a five, six‑footer is all it was. It went end over end. It was kind of this week. If you start pouring them in early, you start reading them all right, sometimes when the hole starts to look smaller, those five, six footers get a little bit tricky on just committing to your reads.
So, yeah, it wasn't great there when I was in the bunker on 12, and that was a big putt on 12 to not go a couple over on the day and be able to settle in.

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