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November 14, 2020

Paul Casey

Augusta, Georgia

PAUL CASEY: It's pretty, isn't it. I mean, the greens were fantastic this morning. Getting out there on freshly cut surfaces. They were quick, they were smooth. You know, hit a couple of good shots, a couple of bad ones. It's still a tricky golf course, which I highlighted.

Q. A lot of people said the greens are getting a little quicker. Did you see that out there, as well?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, there's no question. I elected‑‑ actually all three guys in the group elected to mark their golf ball on 12 yesterday and not finish out, and the surfaces were really, really good. But no question, they're faster than they were yesterday, and yesterday was faster than it was on Thursday. Tomorrow they'll be brilliant.
Yeah, I mean, the whole course, to be honest, it's in really good shape. It's just very different from what we're used to, but it's very, very good.

Q. Was it closer to maybe what you guys are used to?
PAUL CASEY: The speed was getting there, yeah. Noticed it on 14, both Patrick and Tony hit shots left of the flag and the balls funneled down beautifully. Yeah, the speeds are‑‑ and the speed of the putt we had on 13‑‑ actually all three of us again, it's a front right pin today, and you just can't get close to it, or that close to it with a second shot or even a third shot, so you're always going to be above it putting downhill. I thought I left it short, and it ended up running about two and a half feet by. Yeah, speeds are getting there, but the speeds don't hang because we don't have the sun and the dryness. We've still got the humidity in the air and the coolness, so we're just‑‑ yeah, typically they would pick up speed during the day. That's just not going to happen today.

Q. Does it leave a bitter taste in your mouth, that ending, after playing so well?
PAUL CASEY: Whatever, I'm four off of the lead. If you'd have offered me that at the beginning of the week after two days, it's not bad. We've got a long way to go.

Q. Do you still feel like you can be as aggressive as you have been the first couple days going into holes, going after pins?
PAUL CASEY: I think so, yeah. The ball is not getting away from you coming in. If anything you've got to be careful with‑‑ yes, you can be ultra aggressive, you've just got to be careful with the spin, which is not something we've typically had to deal with that much through the years at Augusta National. On certain holes, yes, with wedges, holes like 3 you've got to be careful of the spin, but every hole on this golf course‑‑ I mean, I've seen some of the pictures this week, guys spinning it back on the first hole, that's not something you typically see. So it's a different challenge. It's still a brilliant challenge, it's just a different challenge to April, which is what this whole week has really been about. But it's still the Masters.

Q. Is the second cut something closer to a second cut?
PAUL CASEY: Yes. It's to the point we've actually‑‑ a couple players have said we'd like a cut from the tee to the fairway because it's a little longer than we're used to.

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