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November 14, 2020

Tiger Woods

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Alongside Tiger Woods. Tiger, how do you describe the challenge of sleeping, getting up early and then Amen Corner right in front of you in changing conditions, in changing green speeds?
TIGER WOODS: Well, we had‑‑ today is our long day and the guys yesterday had their long day, and today is ours. It was a quick turnaround last night, and then get up this morning, and a little bit cooler, the ball is not flying as far, it's heavy and looks like they got mowers on the fairways but certainly did not touch the second cut. It was more like the height of a third cut. It was playing a little bit different, and they definitely got the greens a lot faster than they were yesterday.

Q. You said this was going to be your long day, so you were out early. You're typically a really early riser but this will test you and get your attention.
TIGER WOODS: Well, this putt doesn't break as much as some of the guys think, and I knew that. Hit a good putt there and it held its line at the end.

Q. You said it felt good to see a birdie drop, and then?
TIGER WOODS: This was an easy little bump‑and‑run. The second shot was‑‑ we were between clubs, and I committed to try to get the ball up on top, and it hit down on the bottom. I committed to hitting the ball up on top and just tugged it a little bit, but it was an easy pitch.

Q. Very quick turnaround, the approach given where you are on this leaderboard, four back?
TIGER WOODS: Eat fast and change clothes and get after it. I think that the scores will be low again today, and the greens are soft and the golf course is definitely gettable with no wind.

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