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November 13, 2020

Patrick Cantlay

Augusta, Georgia

PATRICK CANTLAY: Today was a long day. You know, up real early, 27 holes. All in all, played really good. I was kind of a little frustrated after the first nine holes. Finishing up my first round, just made nine pars. Felt like I left some out there.
Then in the afternoon round, I really played nice. I got all the par 5s, which was the big difference from the first round. I didn't get any par 5s. So second round was really nice playing.

Q. Was there like a spot in that second round that kind of clicked and you're like, okay, I've got some momentum going here?
PATRICK CANTLAY: You know, I hit‑‑ so I played the 15th hole twice today, and I actually hit two really good shots into the 15th hole. One landed on the crest of the hill to the front right pin and went in the water. I actually got that up and down for par, which was pretty big at the time.
Then in the afternoon, we were into the wind, and I hit a really soft 3 wood and cut it to that back hole location. I actually thought I'd make the eagle putt, but I missed like a ten‑footer for eagle. So that was kind of the difference between the morning and the afternoon. Afternoon, it was just carried a little bit farther and it was absolutely perfect. The morning was a little more of a struggle.

Q. Did you see much difference in the course with the firmness of the greens?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Well, a big difference from yesterday, I thought. It was a lot drier and a lot faster today than yesterday. Still slow by Masters standards, and I'm sure every day, tomorrow and Sunday, will just get a little faster.

Q. After being in contention last year on Sunday, what did you kind of learn about how you can play this golf course? You're obviously right back in here through 36 holes this year.
PATRICK CANTLAY: I think, for the most part, my game plan hasn't changed much, but just feeling comfortable and getting some momentum around here. The same guys seem to play well here every year, and I think part of that is you just get good feelings here, and you come back every year. I'm just trying to build those good feelings.

Q. How much does that win at ZOZO propel your confidence coming into this?
PATRICK CANTLAY: It's always nice to win. I think any time you win, it does wonders for your confidence. I felt like I had been close for a while. Some good stuff was coming, and it did at ZOZO, and hopefully there's still more good to come.

Q. This kind of stoicism when you play golf, is that especially good in a tournament like this in the Masters.
PATRICK CANTLAY: I do everything in a stoic way.

Q. How do you apply that to the Masters, and do you work on it?
PATRICK CANTLAY: I don't work on it too much. If anything, I work on trying to smile more. I'm just kind of naturally that way. I'm that way when I eat breakfast. I'm that way when I play cards. That's just who I am. But I mean, I enjoy it out here. Playing golf is what I love to do. I'm just as focused as I can on doing the best work I can.
Sometimes that comes across a little serious, but that's just who I am.

Q. The drier and faster is going to suit you? Because that's what's coming.
PATRICK CANTLAY: I think so. It's been an adjustment the first two rounds for me to kind of hit putts a little harder and not expect any roll out on the greens. They're just basically hitting and stopping. So I think the faster it will get, actually, the more it will play like I'm used to it playing.

Q. So that will benefit some of the other usual contenders?
PATRICK CANTLAY: I think so. I think some of the veterans are just waiting for it to get firm and fast. I don't think it will quite get firm, but I think it will get a lot faster this weekend.

Q. What about a little wind, dry it out for Sunday?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, dry it out a bit. Thanks.

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