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November 12, 2020

Larry Mize

Augusta, Georgia

Q. We've talked a lot over the last few years about you not being able to make birdies. Six today; just talk about how thrilled you are.
LARRY MIZE: I'd love to go around and make some bogeys, but I think it's going to be pretty hard. I got off to a good start, hit a good wedge into 2 and had it close and made a nice putt at 3 and then made a nice putt at 4. You know, putter got a little cool there in the middle and I missed some makeable par putts, but then it got warmed up again and hit a good shot into 13, made birdie, hit a good wedge into 15, made birdie, and good iron into 16, made birdie.
I gave myself some really good birdie putts. The greens were a little softer this year. That obviously makes it a little easier for me to get close to the hole when the greens get a little softer. I just gave myself some good birdie putts and was able to capitalize on about six of them, so that's key, I've got to keep making birdies.

Q. Did you notice after the 4th hole that that put you on the leaderboard?
LARRY MIZE: I did happen to see that. Wow, that's kind of cool. I'd like to be there more often. It's always fun to see your name up on the leaderboard here. I'm sorry I couldn't keep it. But it was nice to come back and finish really well on the back nine. I played really solid coming in and really felt good.

Q. How hard was it getting to the first tee and almost immediately having to leave?
LARRY MIZE: Oh, we're used to it. It wasn't hard. I wasn't sure we'd tee off. I heard a little rumble, but I guess it was far enough away so we got to tee off. It's just normal. And then I got to sit with my wife for a little while, which is always fun, and then got another warmup and came out, and I did three‑putt the first hole but it was a hard three‑putt‑‑ I mean, hard two‑putt. Still trying to feel out the greens; are they any quicker today or what's going on. Not the ideal start on 1, but after that I thought it was really good.

Q. How would you describe the atmosphere with no patrons?
LARRY MIZE: You know, it's really weird. I knew it was going to be weird. The fans are such a big part of this place. To not have any roars out there today and no patrons, no fans, it is different, but it's still special. It's still awesome to be here. The course is beautiful. Fans are not‑‑ it's awesome to be here playing.

Q. Normally with your play today you would have really had them going.
LARRY MIZE: Well, yeah, it would have been fun to make those six birdies in front of family and friends, but I think‑‑ hopefully some of them were following me online and hopefully they enjoyed that, but it would have been fun with people here.

Q. Do you think it helped your nerves maybe not having all those people out there?
LARRY MIZE: You know, I hope not. I hope not. I don't think so. I've been working really hard on my wedge game because I know I've got to hit wedges close to score, and I made three birdies with wedges, so‑‑ I hit a wedge into 2‑‑ 9‑iron, too, so 9‑iron into 3, so four of my birdies were with clubs I've really been working on controlling the distance and putting it close. That's what I've got to do to score well. That's a big part of it.
I've been working hard on my putting because I haven't been putting good, and got it going today and rolled it good, and the greens are wonderful. If you hit good shots you can make some putts. I think that was a lot of it right there.

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