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November 10, 2020

Adam Hadwin

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Adam, your thoughts on playing with three other Canadians today. Who won the game?
ADAM HADWIN: Well, we did halve the front and the back and the overall. We had' timely press there on 9 to sneak out a game. It was fun. It was a good match. It's great having four guys here, played a full foursome. Mike has been great as sort of a steward for Canadian golf and showing us around the place and teaching us a few things. Just a lot of fun in these big events now with so many Canadians playing well and having big groups like that so we can have a game.

Q. Have you played a practice round before here with four guys from Canada?
ADAM HADWIN: That's a good question. I want to say yes. I want to say my first year there was three of us, and then my second year there was three of us again, and then this year four. Like I said, it's nice. Obviously Canadian golf is getting better and better, and I'm happy to be a part of that group. We get to have some fun matches at big events.

Q. What did Mike show you on the course that maybe you didn't know?
ADAM HADWIN: I don't think anything in particular today, but my first couple years here he showed me things on the par‑5s, like No.2, the back left pin it moves pretty hard right to left, at least more than you would think. 13, we talked about angles, where to come in if you're going to lay up, different pin locations and what might be more beneficial. Little things like that. Stuff around the greens, positions and where not to go sometimes and where to go at other points.
Like I said, he's been great for me in my two years here, and I know that the other guys were picking his brain today, as well.

Q. As a guy from BC, do you consider yourself a good rain and wind player?
ADAM HADWIN: Wind, average. We don't get a lot of wind in the lower main land. At least I stayed away from those days maybe. Rain, yeah. I used to be a bit of a mudder. Living in Scottsdale, though, it's kind of maybe gone away a little bit. We haven't played in a lot of rain on Tour. I don't even think I've taken the tag off my rain jacket yet, so this might be the first week for it. We'll see what happens.

Q. What are your expectations this week as of right now?
ADAM HADWIN: I mean, obviously I come into every week expecting to play well. I think if I can stay patient, manage my game and just kind of commit to hitting good shots, I think that anything can happen. I love the place. I think it suits well for my type of game, working the golf ball both ways, using some imagination around the greens, putting, that sort of thing. We'll kind of see what happens. I feel good with the state of my game right now. It's just kind of a matter of staying patient and just having some fun and enjoying it.

Q. I saw you have Maddy here; what went through your mind when you heard they canceled the par‑3 tournament?
ADAM HADWIN: Obviously there's a little disappointment there. It would have been fun to go around and kind of show her off a little bit. But you know, I would assume at this point that there's going to be more years to do it. She'll be walking‑‑ maybe walking in April, hopefully get back here again then, if not in another year. There is some disappointment; it's always a lot of fun. But happy to be here and happy being able to play golf really at this point.

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