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November 10, 2020

Bubba Watson

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Talk a little bit about what you've noticed without the patrons here and if there's any particular hole where it's more noticeable to you than not.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, the first thing that stands out is just no ropes. Normally there's ropes and different things, and obviously people shape the hole a little bit differently, and not having those people here, not having the ropes, it looks like we're here‑‑ I've been lucky enough to come in here weeks before the tournament usually and practice without the ropes and play with a member and stuff. But that's kind of the feel right now.
Obviously 13, the back nine, the roars that we're used to hearing, especially on a Sunday when people have a chance to make a hole‑in‑one on 16; 13, eagles. So that's going to be the part that we're missing to energize us or I've talked about before when a guy is getting off 1 or getting off 2 you can hear the roars on the back nine, so that's obviously going to be missing unless they put in some speakers and just start cheering.
That's the difference that I'm seeing right now.

Q. On 12, though‑‑
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, usually those fans, they make me nervous, so maybe I just haven't noticed them because I haven't been as nervous right now. But usually for me when I walk from 11 to 12, they cheer a little different because I've won here before, and so you give them a little wave, give them a little nod and then that makes me nervous. I haven't felt that yet, so yeah, I guess I just kind of blacked that out. But yeah, that area, they can't really see 12 green. It's kind of hard to see 12 green, they're so focused on 11. You really hear the roars more on an eagle putt or a shot into the green on 13 because 12 is a little bit more quieter by the green when you make a birdie just because the people can't really see you or see if the putt goes in.

Q. As a past winner, what does it mean to you you that the older champions came back here to mark the occasion?
BUBBA WATSON: Well, I mean, the first time I hosted the dinner, gosh, I was scared to death. I didn't know what to do. There's no rules. There's no rule book. There's no regulations. You just show up.
I was at the head of the table that day, and having the old guys here, the old veterans, the champions that we looked up to, gosh, it was a dream come true, and even today, tonight when I show up, it'll be still trying to figure out why I'm here. Like we talk about legends and greats of the game and then somehow Bubba is in the locker room with them with the green jacket on. What an honor and a privilege any time you get to touch the green jacket.
I love hearing the stories. There's always going to be some stories told. This year it'll be a little different, but I'm looking forward to it, and obviously when I was the host for the dinner, what a pleasure to talk to these guys and hear stories.
At one day, 40 years, 30 years from now I'll be the guy telling random stories and people will be like, no, that didn't happen, you didn't hit that hook shot, and I'll be like, yeah, I did.

Q. A lot of the older guys are still coming, though, despite the pandemic. Are you surprised to see them or is there something about this tournament that draws them back unlike other majors?
BUBBA WATSON: You know, there's ways to create a so‑called bubble I guess you could say. Air travel can be different. You can get some private flights. Renting a house in the local area, there's ways you can kind of bubble yourself. Same thing that pro golfers are doing. No, I'm not surprised. When you think about this event, what this event means to everybody that's hosted the dinner, everybody that's put on the green jacket, not just as a past champion but also as a member and what they've been able to create here, the membership here at Augusta, just think about the scholarships from yesterday, that's just a small taste of what they've been able to do.
I remember the lady, the president talking about the Masters, and Augusta membership has been helping that college for years, so these scholarships are nothing new to them, it's just something bigger and better. So putting on that green jacket, I think you show up here just because of what it meant to a past champion, what it means to your career, what it means to you as a person, and then being able to spend this much time with past champions but also members that are looking to grow the game and make this club and this tournament the best in the world.

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