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August 29, 2020

Bubba Watson

Olympia Fields, Illinois, USA

Olympia Fields Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Bubba, how would you characterize your round out there today?

BUBBA WATSON: I thought it was pretty good. I've struggled finishing. Those holes are difficult for me. Yesterday I missed a couple putts, and today a couple wayward shots that cost me a bogey here or there. But all in all, anytime you can shoot even on this golf course, I mean, this is as hard as it comes.

Q. What's your biggest problem on those closing holes?

BUBBA WATSON: Staying committed. 16, I watched Kisner, his ball ballooned in the wind, but the flags next to us are going one way, the flags over the green are going the other way. In that little valley it's hard to trust what's supposed to be there, the wind direction, but it's hard to trust that. It cost me a bogey today.

Q. Talking with Kevin earlier, he said even par yesterday would win this golf tournament. If you got to even par tomorrow, would you feel pretty confident that's going to have a chance?

BUBBA WATSON: As we can see -- I don't know how many people are under par right now. I haven't looked at the leaderboard, but as we can see, 2-over, 3-under -- I mean, 2-under, 3-under has been right around the lead all day, and then it fell back to 1, so yeah, even par would -- I'll take it and let everybody fight it out. I'll just eat some chips in here and wait for them to finish.

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