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August 21, 2020

Bubba Watson

Norton, Massachusetts, USA

TPC Boston

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice round, 3-under par, 17 of 18 greens, the only bogeys from 3-putts. Do you feel like there might have been something more in the tank.

BUBBA WATSON: Well, any time you three-putt, you feel like that's an easy clean-up, right. Especially there weren't like 60-footers or anything. I missed like, gosh, it felt like 4, 3 feet, somewhere around there, or I hit good putts. Teddy said I de-celed, on one and the other one it broke tremendously and lipped-out.

You know, 12 is the green that I missed, that par 5 that we play as a par 4 or whatever that thing is. I hit it in the rough, back into the breeze and hit a 3-iron hard as I possibly could from 214 front and couldn't get there. But I got up-and-down. So yeah, I told Teddy, too. I said we missed the green, man. I was trying so hard to hit all the greens. That's my goal is always trying to do that.

So today, it was close.

Q. Yesterday you said something that was I think enlightening for a lot of folks who might struggle at times with things going on inside their head. You said it started about a year ago. Are you finally turning the corner where everything in life is starting to get easier and make sense, which also helps the golf side of it, as well?

BUBBA WATSON: No. Life is very difficult. Let's just start it with that. It's been going on for a while and creeps in and starts going. The best way to explain it is I never dreamed of being a two-time Masters Champion. Never dreamed what's come with that, what comes with PGA TOUR life and what comes with trying to be an adoptive parent, what comes with being a husband. When you add that all in, life is chaotic and very difficult and then you throw in trying to make 3-footers out here, makes it even worse.

I've had a lot of mental struggles, mental issues, which I think a lot of people do around the world, no just golfers, but a lot of people, and as a man, you don't really want to talk about it very much. That's really the only way to get it out and fix the problem. Walking on to the golf course, that's where I put all my pressure and everything. Every day life at home is good. My wife would say she actually loves me and my kids seem like they love me pretty good. It was the golf that was really making me miserable, just because of the mental stuff I was bringing over to the golf course.

So trying to work on that a little bit. Trying to be a better husband and father and now trying to work on the golf side. I think the husband and father part was doing pretty well and now flipping it over and looking at the golf is what we're looking at.

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