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August 21, 2020

Tiger Woods

Norton, Massachusetts, USA

TPC Boston

Quick Quotes

Q. Still plenty to play for but a frustrating day for you today?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, that was under understatement. I just didn't quite have it. I was hitting the ball all over the place, and on a golf course that was certainly giving it up to most of the field. I made it really, really hard on myself, and especially the last two holes, I had wedge in my hand and made bogey there at 17, and 18 is a 3-wood and a 5- or 6-iron there. Tucked it left and have to 2-putt from middle of the green.

Q. When you have those frustrations, what do you say to yourself mentally? I know it's incredibly infuriating, especially as you said, wedge in hand, what do you say to yourself mentally to keep calm and continue?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I was close to snapping a couple clubs today, but I didn't, so that's a positive. Just keep fighting and grinding it out.

If I did miss, majority of the day I missed on the correct sides, so I had angles. The only really bad miss I had was I had a sand wedge in my hand on 10 and hit in the right bunker. Most of the time, I missed in the correct sides, even though I didn't really have it. It was hard to get the ball into the correct spot, especially the way I was feeling with my shot shapes, and on a day, as I said, that most of the guys are going low, I didn't have it to go that low and at least this, I have the weekend to keep building and keep playing.

Q. What positives can you take from the first couple rounds and go into the weekend because you've seen there are scores to be had out there now?

TIGER WOODS: There are. The greens are I think a little softer and a little bit slower today. The dots for tomorrow are definitely like today. They are definitely gettable. So again, the forecast, the guys are going to go mostly low. So hopefully I'm one of those guys that tears the golf course apart.

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